Monday, March 8, 2021

This past week we continued finding out more about the different states of matter – Solid, Liquids, and Gas. We also inquired into the scientific method and began to use it to plan out our own experiments.

On Thursday, Mayu’s mother visited our class to help teach the students how to make bath bombs. This was an excellent connection with how states of matter can change between states, and all of the students were excited to see the finished product!


In math, we began to learn about what it means to measure things, and we began to find out more about how to measure length. Throughout the week, one could find the students using random objects to measure lengths, using tape measures to measure how long things were in our classroom, and even students measuring each other as they went further with their understanding of measuring length.

In Literacy, we are focusing on procedural writing, which is very important when writing the steps for how to do an experiment. The students realized how difficult it is to explain even simple things, such as brushing teeth or opening a door, and it was gratifying to see them using dictionaries and asking one another in attempts to find the precise words to help explain their thinking.

This week, we have our Parent-Teacher conferences.

Monday, March 8 – Class A

Tuesday, March 9 – Class B

Wednesday, March 10 – Class C

and then there are several conferences at other times throughout the week.

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