Welcome to Grade 2 

The information below has been e-mailed to you earlier today.

Dear Grade 2 parents,

We hope you had a great weekend.  As you know, tomorrow will be your child’s first day of the new school year.  We’re very excited to meet all of our new learners and get the year underway. Despite the challenges of starting the school year remotely, we are confident that together we can make this a fun and meaningful beginning to your child’s Grade 2 learning journey.  Below is the important information we need to pass along for the start of year:


Schedules and Class Lists

Attached to this email is our Grade 2 Remote Learning Schedule and Grade 2 Class List that contains the weekly timetable for all three Grade 2 classes and teachers and students in our three classes. This schedule will be very similar to the structure that students and families are accustomed to from last year in Grade 1. The schedule lists the times that each class will have their specialist and Thai classes. Please note that the white spaces are reserved as time for students to complete their daily classroom activities. Additionally, please note that specialist and Thai classes will not begin until Wednesday of this week.  For our first day tomorrow, students will have a special Day 1 schedule where students will spend much of the day with their homeroom teacher and classmates, and complete a few fun and engaging classroom activities on Seesaw. Please see the attached Day 1 Schedule below for details.


Online Learning Platforms

As last year, much of the classroom communication and learning activities will be delivered through the Seesaw learning platform. Please take a moment before Tuesday morning to check that you and your child have access to our new Grade 2 classroom space on Seesaw. If there is an issue, please contact your child’s classroom teacher.  Also of note regarding online platforms is that in Grade 2 students begin to transition to Google Classroom as the online hub for online learning activities.  We will aim to make this transition within the first month of school once students are settled and ready.



We understand that our families are all in different situations with regards to where they are and what they have available to them. The school will be working to put together a pack with resources such as reading materials and notebooks that will be available for pickup on August 27th. Until then we ask that students have the following resources available if possible:

  • A reliable device and internet connection (preferably a laptop, tablet, or desktop)

  • Lined and blank paper, pencils, and coloured pencils

  • Reading material that they enjoy (paper books if possible)


Each Friday afternoon going forward we will email the parent group an overview of our Grade 2 plans for the week. This will include an overview of the learning engagements in the different classroom, specialist and Thai subject areas, and note any resources that might be needed. Additionally we will post a ‘daily plan’ each new school day on Seesaw that will include details about each activity, the learning outcome and ideas for how students can extend their learning. Other more detailed plans that include an overview of each unit of inquiry and specific learning outcomes will be posted to the blog each week as well for your reference.

Student Expectations

During our first two weeks we will be going over what we expect from students and how we can make our remote learning period as successful as possible. Some of the key things we will ask of students are:

  • To watch the morning message each day at 7:50
  • To join scheduled classroom meetings, and dress in appropriate school clothing. For example, school uniform, PE uniform, or a presentable top or t-shirt
  • To participate respectfully during Zoom meetings and keep their cameras on and stable throughout
  • To try their best, and ask for help when they are having difficulties

We look forward to an amazing year in Grade 2. If you have any difficulty logging into Seesaw, or if you have any questions or concerns about the year ahead, please feel free to contact us via email using the addresses below. We will be scheduling a Grade 2 Parent Meeting next week where we can meet each other face to face as well. It will be great to say hello and greet you all to our Grade 2 Learning Community. Thanks in advance for your support!

Best regards,

Jordan, Jessica, John, Pik, Cash and Nook

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