Week 3-4 Communication

This past week has been a fun and productive one in Grade 2! We’ve been very pleased to find that our students are very knowledgeable about communities. They spent time explaining their understanding of what makes a community, and discussed how the student council and house communities function here at KIS. During math lessons, our students have enjoyed playing games and completing activities to help them communicate and develop their understanding of the place value system.  While in language lessons our students have spent time practicing their sentence writing skills, and built their vocabulary and phonics awareness, while also practicing their listening and speaking skills during our community read aloud of the Roald Dahl classic ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’.

Photos from the Week of August 23-27

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Community Word Cloud

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Writing letters to teach about the house communities at KIS.

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Creating cards for a family member in response to our read aloud, George’s Marvellous Medicine. 

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Applying mathematics (data collection) to complete the House scavenger hunt.

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Celebrating our house communities and showing our school spirit in Friday’s Google Meets.

Looking Ahead

In the week ahead, Grade 2 students will be inquiring into some of the more detailed aspects of how communities function successfully.  Specifically how systems within a community can work together and play different roles that interconnect with one another.  For literacy lessons much of the focus this week will be on completing our baseline reading and writing assessments.  These assessments will be used to gain a clearer understanding of where each student is at in their language learning, and what needs they have moving forward. More details will be shared about these assessment activities next week, but one important note is that we will ask parents to not provide assistance during these assessment activities as it is important to know what each child can do on their own. 

Thank you very much for arranging to pick up your child’s home learning pack. Beginning next week we will start to use the reading books provided in the packs during guided reading group lessons, and the notebooks for language and other activities.  Please take care with the reading books as they are each part of a book set and a valuable part of our library resources.

Next week we will hold another optional Grade 2 Parent Forum next Thursday, September 2nd at 2pm.  The forum will be another chance to ask questions and speak directly with our Grade 2 teaching team. We will send out a Zoom link on Wednesday afternoon for all those who might like to join.

Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend!

Best regards,

Jordan, John, Jessica, Cash, Pik and Nook

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