Week 5-6 Communication

This Past Week we were pleased to complete the majority of our Reading and Math baseline assessments on our Raz Kids and IXL learning platforms. Along with the writing assessment completed the week before, we now have a better understanding of student skill levels and needs going forward, and will be able to use this information to chart progress going forward.  Thank you for helping your child complete these assessments, and for not helping them answer the questions.  This past week also saw students working to solidify their understanding of how systems function, and make connections to the system that is our Grade 2 Remote Learning program. We love all the creative thinking and reflection that we’re seeing from our Grade 2 students!

Wow Work! from the week of September 6-10:

Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.10.17 Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.10.36Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.17.34

Students played the maths game, Place Value War with 4-digit numbers applying their understanding of our number system.

Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.18.37 Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.20.20 Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.21.10 Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.21.51

All aboard Pegville Transport! Students constructed maps and mind maps to represent their system, showing their understanding of how an effective system is organized.

Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.34.29Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.34.50

Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.37.38 Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.38.17 Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.38.35 Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.38.46

Above you can see how children used sequence words to give advice to a potential new Grade 2 students. All while communicating their understanding of our remote learning system.


Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.45.50 Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.46.06 Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.46.22 Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.52.00Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.47.14 Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.48.08 Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.48.29 Screen Shot 2564-09-10 at 13.49.05

Students learned that diagrams are useful tools to organize our thinking around systems. Here you can see a compare and contrast diagrams as well as mind-maps about our remote learning system.


The Week Ahead will be a short one, as there is no school for students on Thursday or Friday.  Nonetheless, we look forward to a fun and productive week. This will be the final week for our ‘How The World Works’ unit of inquiry, and the students will be asked to demonstrate some of what they have learned about systems and how they can help communities function more effectively. To do this students will need to apply skills that they have built throughout this unit, such as mind mapping, flow charts, and sequential writing. During math lessons next week students will learn and practice the math concept of rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100, and in language lessons students will continue to review their phonics knowledge, while building their vocabulary and practicing their sentence writing skills. We look forward to an exciting week ahead!

All the best,

Jordan, John, Jessica, Nook, Pik and Cash

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