Week 10-11 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

We hope you’re well!  Thanks as always for your support and for those of you who are able to take part in your child’s learning. We appreciate it so much and are very proud of all the quality learning that’s been taking place during this current unit of inquiry!

This past week our Grade 2 students spent time inquiring into nutrition and healthy eating habits. They learned about the main food groups, and worked to sort the foods they eat into these different categories. The students also reflected about their personal eating habits, and worked to plan a ‘day of healthy eating’ with their family members.

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Here you can see pictographs that the students made from a set of data.

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Screen Shot 2564-10-22 at 09.20.10

Students shared ways they stayed well and balanced over the mid-term break.


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Being able to self-assess our personal choices is an important thinking and reflection skill we are developing in grade 2.


In the week ahead our students will get the chance to share and reflect on their day of healthy eating. Students will be asked to think about the choices they make with regards to the food they eat, and how they can take action towards their own health and diet going forward. This week our students will also be inquiring into the concept of cause and effect.  For example, how the choices we make can directly affect our bodies, our minds, and our hearts. It should be a fun and interesting week!

Halloween!  This Friday, the PYP will be celebrating Halloween with the students. There will be a selection of fun Halloween activities for students to do, and students will be encouraged to dress up in their favourite Halloween costumes.  We understand that not all families enjoy taking part in this festival, so if you would prefer for your child not to take part in the Halloween activities please contact your child’s teacher.  Thanks!

Day of Healthy Eating. As mentioned, this Tuesday is designated as the day for our students to take part in their healthy eating day where they help plan and possibly help make the meals and snacks for the day. We respect that families are very busy, so if it’s easier for this to happen over the weekend or on Monday, that’s great too!  Just remember to take lots of pictures of all parts of the process so that the children can share these photos during the week.  Also, if this activity is not something that you and your family have time for, that’s fine.  We understand!  Please just email your child’s teacher so that they understand the situation and adjust accordingly.  Thanks!

Grade 2 Parent Forum We would like to have another Grade 2 Parent Forum on Thursday, November 4th.  We will wait until that date, because by then we will be able to clearly explain all of the plans for our return to campus. As it stands now, there is a comprehensive plan in place, but as a Grade 2 team there are still a number of details to work out and it’s best to wait until we can answer all of your questions with confidence.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about our hybrid model, or any other aspect of Grade 2, please feel free to contact your child’s classroom teacher. 


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