Week 12-13 Communication

Dear Parents,

We hope you are well.  As you know, we have been very busy this week preparing for next week’s return to school. Attached to Friday’s email is the schedule for the new hybrid model for Grade 2. It is different in many respects.  Most notably in that our Grade 2 group of students is now more of Group 1, 2 and 3, and less of G2A, G2B, and G2C. Nonetheless, we have been working hard to make sure that each group and each child will receive the same balance of teaching and learning, in a way that works best for all 3 groups of students, while also still getting a chance to connect to their homeroom each Wednesday when we’re learning remotely. When you get the chance, please take a minute to look over the schedule with your child, and if you have any questions please email your child’s classroom teacher.  

This past week was an exciting one, as our students worked hard to transfer their learning throughout the unit, and demonstrate their understanding of some of the key concepts we’ve been focussing on. The students spent time reflecting on choices that they could make that would have positive effects to their wellbeing, and also demonstrated their ability to connect some of the different ideas and content they have learned about during the unit. We hope that our students’ ‘Wellness Plan’ will be something that we can revisit later in the year as we continue to encourage self improvement and a growth mindset throughout the year.

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In maths, children practiced familiar addition and subtraction strategies using a number line.

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We concluded our Who We Are unit by creating personal wellness plans. Please help your child work towards achieving their goals.

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Happy Diwali! Grade 2 enjoyed learning about this special Indian festival of lights celebrated every fall.

The week ahead will be an even more exciting one!! We are very excited to be getting back into the classroom with our Grade 2 learners.  We are also excited to begin our new ‘How We Express Ourselves’ unit of inquiry.  During this unit the students will be inquiring into creativity and all the many ways that people can express themselves through the arts. In the week ahead students will spend time experimenting and creating new things, as we get ready to consider some big questions about what art is all about, and what it means to express ourselves artistically.  It should be lots of fun!

We hope you have a great weekend!  Thanks to all the parents who were able to join us at yesterday’s Grade 2 Parent Forum. Again, if you have any questions schedule please feel free to email us directly.

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