Week 14-15 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

We hope you and your family are well. We’re happy to report that our students have been doing a great job at adapting to the new routines and schedules of our hybrid learning program.  Thanks as always for helping us make this situation a fun and successful one for our Grade 2 learners!

This past week the students have spent time thinking about the differences between visual art and performance art, and sorting out different examples of these two categories of art form. Afterwards they spent time inquiring into acting and dramatic art form. The students practiced working individually and in group efforts to use their voice and body language to express different emotions and character traits. It was a lot of fun, and great speaking and reading practice as well!

IMG-1531 IMG-1537

Screen Shot 2564-11-19 at 09.31.16

Continuing to find out about how we express ourselves, students brainstormed different types of art forms and categorized them into performing or visual art by participating in a collaborative silent sort.

Screen Shot 2564-11-19 at 09.32.08 Screen Shot 2564-11-19 at 09.33.26

Screen Shot 2564-11-19 at 09.51.39Screen Shot 2564-11-19 at 09.52.34

Additionally, students participated in a variety of drama and acting scenarios throughout the week.

Screen Shot 2564-11-19 at 09.28.21 Screen Shot 2564-11-19 at 09.28.33

In literacy, students incorporated adjectives into their writing to describe a story settings.

Screen Shot 2564-11-19 at 09.22.17 Screen Shot 2564-11-19 at 09.22.39

Here you can see children’s pictorial representation of addition with regrouping.

Screen Shot 2564-11-19 at 10.44.17 Screen Shot 2564-11-19 at 10.46.35 Screen Shot 2564-11-19 at 10.47.20

Continuing on with shape, students were able to identify both irregular and regular polygons.

IMG-1541 IMG-1542 IMG-1543

Wishing you all a happy Loy Krathong Festival! Students enjoyed making Krathongs at school on Friday.

For the week ahead our students will be inquiring into the different ways that artists use visual and performing arts to tell stories. Students will inquire into art forms such as mime, sand art, picture books and clay sculpture, and experiment with how we can use these mediums to tell a story and express ourselves. We hope that our students will enjoy making connections between the stories that can be written and stories that can be told in different creative ways.

Reusable Lunch Utensils. In an effort to reduce waste we would like to encourage our Grade 2 families to provide students with their own cutlery items that they can use to eat their school lunches with. As lunches are delivered and eaten in the classroom we are currently using disposable plastic forks and spoons for lunch. Providing your child with a cutlery set to bring to and from school each day would help us cut down on plastic waste, and be a nice example of a positive choice for our environment.

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