Week 16-17 Communication

We hope you are well. Thanks as always for your support with our hybrid learning program. We really appreciate your help getting the story writing notebooks to and from school so that the students can continue to work on their writing process at home and in class. Thank you!

This past week has been an exciting one, as our students spent time getting creative with clay and playdough sculptures. Later in the week the students were introduced to our final task for the unit, which will ask them to express themselves by creating their own example of a visual and a performing art piece. The students are excited to get creative and have fun!

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Students constructed small sculptures of their story characters which were used to make a visual  storytelling video. Check out some of the videos here: https://app.seesaw.me/a/e31a0321-1a32-4221-8ee9-b30460b4dc57

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Lots of fun was had on Wednesday during the virtual Sports Day. Check out more impressive physical activities students have been practicing on the Sports Day Padlet: https://padlet.com/vernonhu/7ifuybzj7a0jdhte

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In literacy, children continued to work on their narrative story writing.

In the week ahead our students will spend their time working to plan and create their final art pieces. We look forward to seeing how our students choose to express themselves, and how they work individually or in collaboration with others.

Note for parents: Due to our hybrid schedule we will ask that our Group 1 and 2 students create their visual art piece at home during remote learning days, and work in class to create their performance in school with their classmates. As a result your child may need certain resources to create their artwork at home.  We hope that this is not too much trouble, and understand that students may need to make substitutes or change their original plans as necessary.  Thanks very much for your support with this!

Group 1 Writing Notebooks: If your child is in Group 1, please send them to school with their Green Writing Notebooks that they have been using for drafting their stories.  Thank you!!

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