Week 22-23 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

Thanks for your continued support!  We hope you and your family are well.

This Past Week has been a fun one. The students have spent time developing their research skills, while learning about key geographical landforms such as rivers, mountains, hills, valleys and oceans.

Students at school have been enjoying specialist classes back in person.

Students are hard at work developing their research skills by reading nonfiction texts.

Happy Chinese New Year! Let’s all welcome the year of the tiger, 2022. Here you can see a few students who created their own dragon and lion to parade around the grade 2 space.

In The Week Ahead we will be investigating the different biomes of the world.  Our students will learn to find specific information and organize the facts that they find into a structured graphic organizer. Our students will then get the chance to choose a biome that they are interested in to complete their own individual research project.

Math Week: next week is Math Week in the PYP. In Grade 2 our focus for math week will be on probability and fractions.  Our students will be working to create their own games of chance using dice, spinners, and other materials.  The students will use their fraction and probability knowledge to explain whether games are fair or unfair. Students are also encouraged to dress up on Friday in a math themed outfit if they like.

Online Learning This Thursday: please be aware that Thursday will be an online learning day for all of KIS while teachers have a PD day.

Thanks again for your continued support.  Have a great weekend!

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