Week 23-24 Communication

Dear Families,

This Past Week in Grade 2 has been a fun and exciting one! Our students have had a great time during our Math Week celebration. Leading up to the week in the PYP at KIS our students spent time exploring the concept of probability. The students conducted math investigations involving dice and flipping coins to gain a better understanding of the chance of different outcomes occurring. As Math Week began the students then transferred their knowledge of fractions and probability while creating their very own games of chance. The students’ created games using spinners, dice, and other items and evaluated whether each game was fair or unfair. The best part of the week of course was when the students got the chance to spend time playing each other’s games. It was a fun end to our week of math learning!’

Students had great fun at school for Maths Week designing, creating, and playing their own fair and unfair games.

Here you can see students exploring landforms in the Discovery Lab using an augmented reality sandbox. Thanks for an engaging and interesting lesson, Mr. Eric!

We ended Maths Week with a dress up day. Check out these creative costumes!

For The Week Ahead After Break our students will be continuing to build their research skills and geographical knowledge. Each student will choose a biome they are interested in learning more about.  They will spend time finding information and organizing the information into different categories.  This research effort is the beginning stages of students working to create an informative written report. It should be a lot of fun to build our geography knowledge and a great learning experience for each student.

Next week will be a holiday. Please enjoy a safe and relaxing break from the school week and we will see you on February 21st!

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