Week 25-26 Communication

Dear Grade Parents,

Thanks as always for your support. We look forward to meeting with you next week during the Parent Teacher Meetings. If you haven’t already signed up there’s still time.  Feel free to email your teacher if you missed the sign up sheet that went out last week.

This Past Week in Grade 2 has been a productive and interesting one.  Our students have been working to transfer their research that they collected on a chosen biome into sentence and paragraph form. They also worked together in small groups to create the rules and procedures for the Nadroj Continent game.  This is a fun role playing game that combines the students’ geography knowledge with some fun game play. Everyone is excited to play!

This week students used their social skills to work collaboratively in small groups around their chosen biome.

Additionally, students typed their research notes into a written information report.

In The Week Ahead our Grade 2 students will spend time playing the Nadroj game and reflecting on their learning from our ‘Where We Are In Place and Time’ unit.  The students will also be working to publish their written work about their chosen biome into a non-fiction booklet. The students will learn and practice some new IT skills as they work to create their own non-fiction booklet.

Thanks again for all your support!  We look forward to meeting with you online next week.

Best regards,

Jordan, John Jessica, Cash, Pik and Nook

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