Week 26-27 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

We hope you are well!  Thanks as always for your support! We enjoyed getting the chance to speak with many of you during our parent-teacher meetings. Thanks very much for taking the time!

This past week has been a here in Grade 2. Our students had a great time playing the geography role play game that they helped to create. The students loved imagining their life on our fictitious continent of Nadroj, and rolling dice to see whether the population in their settlement would increase or decrease. The students also really enjoyed imagining and writing about what life might be life in some of the different biomes of the world, such as deserts, forests, grasslands and more.  During literacy lessons, our grade 2 students spent their time creating their own non-fiction report from the research that they conducted throughout the unit.

Students had fun using their acquired knowledge about geography and climate to participate in the summative game around a fictional continent called Nadroj!

More Nadroj fun!

For the week ahead we will begin the provocation for our upcoming ‘Sharing The Planet’ unit of inquiry.  This unit will explore how the choices that humans make can affect our natural environment.  During the unit our students will inquire into how nature is connected, and the responsibility that humans have towards nature.  It should be full of very interesting learning experiences, following the inquiry into the Earth’s climate and geography that the students have just completed.

Swimming begins next week.  Please send your child to school next Monday with a separate bag packed with their swimming items.  Please note that all students are expected to participate in the swimming program.  If students are not participating in swimming classes they will need a medical exemption and doctor’s note.

Plastic Recycling has begun in Grade 2 classroom thanks to one of our Grade 5 Exhibition groups. If you have any single use plastic items at home that your child might like to add to our recycling bin, please feel free to have them bring these items to school.

Thanks again for your support!  Have a great weekend!

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