Week 27-28 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents, we hope you are well. Thanks as always for your support for our Grade 2 program! We realize that there are a lot of challenges placed on families during these difficult times, but our students continue to stay positive and demonstrate new learning every day!  We thank you for your help in making that possible!

This past week has been a fun and interesting one for our students.  We have begun tuning in to our new ‘Sharing the Planet’ unit of inquiry.  Our students have begun thinking about nature and some of the changes that can happen to our natural world.  Our students have also begun thinking about some of the ways that nature is connected, and learned about air pollution and how this issue can be measured and observed.

Friday means fun with Blooket! Grade 2 joined together to play some friendly Blooket competition with Ms. Rachel and Mr. John.

Book Week | KIS International School

Next week is Book Week!

Children at home tuned-in to the natural world around them.

In the week ahead our students will learn about some of the human actions that can affect nature.  They will do so while revisiting the imaginary continent of Nadroj from our previous unit of inquiry, and role playing certain situations where man-made problems have taken a toll on the natural environment.  Next week our students will also be inquiring into line graphs, and learn how they can be used to display data.  Students will also be reading and learning about persuasive text, and the traditional structure for writing persuasively.

Book Week is coming!  March 28th-April 1st.  It should be a lot of fun!  The focus this year is ‘Tales From Around The World’.  KIS Community members who speak different languages are encouraged to contact Ms. Earth or Ms. Lisa if they would be interested in recording stories from their home language.  Also, there will be an opportunity to buy discounted books online that week, and Grade 2 will be publishing some of their own books about world biomes that they recently completed.

Swimming will be on next week!  We will try again now that Mr. Vern has completed his quarantine period.  Please send your child to school on Monday with their bathing suits, towels, and other swimming day necessities.  Thank you!

Best regards,

Jordan, Jessica, John, Pik, Nook and Cash

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