Week 28-29 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

Thanks as always for your support!  It’s been another fun filled week in Grade 2, especially with all of our classes and teachers together at school. Thank you so much for taking care and helping our Grade 2 community stay safe.

This past week has been a fun and exciting one in Grade 2!  The students have begun learning about the problem of deforestation and some of the human causes that lead to this issue.  Grade 2 students have also been inquiring into the ways that line graphs can be used to show data over time, and created graphs from data related to the air pollution levels in Bangkok and other cities around the world. During literacy time our students have focused on the first steps when developing persuasive writing and speaking techniques.

Grade 2 students were hard at work this week at school and at home.

In the week ahead our Grade 2 students will begin to grow plants inside our classroom to help learn more about how natural things grow and change.  They will also spend time measuring, charting and graphing the growth of their plants over the coming weeks.  Our students will also spend time learning about the issue of desertification and water pollution, as well as possible choices humans can make to help solve these problems.

Book Week is coming next week!  Our literacy committee is still looking for any volunteers who might like to read and record a story read in a different language.  Please contact your classroom teacher if you or someone in your family might be interested.  There will be some great online book purchasing sites with special school wide sales next week, and on Friday students are encouraged to dress up as a fairy tale themed book character.  Grade 2 has also published 10 informative books about world biomes that they created during the previous unit.  These books will be donated to the library as our Grade 2 Book Week contribution.

Containers and Plants for the Grade 2 Classroom 

Next week we will be attempting to add some nature and green to our classroom space.  Request #1 please have your child bring in a small container or small plastic bottle so that we can plant and begin to grow a small vegetable seed.  Request #2 if possible we would love to have some more plants and in the classroom. If families can donate any plants for use in the classroom it would be much appreciated!

Thanks again and please have a safe and relaxing weekend!

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