Week 31-32 Communication

Dear Grade 2 parents,

We hope you are well, and that you and your family had a safe and relaxing Songkran. Thanks as always for your continued support!

This past week has been a fun one here in Grade 2. The students really enjoyed conducting hands-on measurement investigations involving length, mass and capacity.  The students also spent time working on their persuasive speaking and writing skills. During unit of inquiry lessons, our students have been focusing on some of the positive choices that humans make to help nature, and begun to think about action and inventions that might help make our Earth.

Cheers all around for the grade 2 and 3 musicians who performed on Friday 👏👏👏

In mathematics, students explored using different tools for different types of measurement.

In the week ahead our students will begin tuning in to their sixth and final unit of inquiry for the year. The theme of the unit is ‘How The World Works’, and will focus heavily on science and scientific concepts. During the unit the students will be learning about the different states of matter and how these states change from one state to another.  It should be a lot of fun!

Happy Earth Day everyone!  Parents, if you have time, it would be great if you could continue the discussion at home about Earth Day and why it is important to make positive choices for our Earth and the natural environment.

Have a great weekend!

Best regards,

Jordan, John, Jessica, Pik, Cash and Nook


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