Week 32-33 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

We hope you are well, and excited for the long weekend ahead.  Thanks as always for your continued support.

This past week has been full of thinking and scientific investigation. The students have got the chance to conduct some interesting science demonstrations and think about what it means to be a scientist.  The students were very excited to get involved in some hands-on scientific exploration.

Students were enthusiastic to work together to perform some simple but fascinating experiments around the states of matter.

This week students also shared their prior knowledge about multiplication concepts before moving on to repeated addition, skip counting and arrays.

In the week ahead our students will be learning about matter and the differences between the states of matter. Our students will also be imagining themselves as a scientist and learn about some of the different types of scientific study. During math lessons, our students will continue to investigate the concept of multiplication. It should be a fun week!

Cartoonist Day, May 5th (see poster below) we will have a PYP celebration of our students’ artistic skills. Students are encouraged to draw their own cartoon character.  These will be displayed in an exhibition next Friday.  Students will have time to work on these in school, but may like to also work on this at home.

Thanks again, and please enjoy your long weekend!

Cartoonist Day (1)


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