Home Learning (Emergencies)

Home Learning for January 31-Feb 1

UOI Home-Learning –

We have been using Google Classroom to do assignments online lately. All of the students should be familiar with how it works.

Our Google Classroom Link is here –


Our Google Classroom class code is gltn1ko.

The students can log-in to Google classroom using their own personal Google log-in.  If they are unable to remember their login and password, they can login using the G2edu account-

login – g2edu@edu.kis.ac.th

password – grade22524.

The students will need to access the latest assignment.


Click on the new assignment: “What might happen if?”

Read the 5 questions and think about what will happen and WHY you think it will happen.

Scroll down to where it says “Add Private Comment” and then write your name and your answers, like this –

“I am Mr. Marc.

1 – I think that the coke in the balloon will ________________ because we did an experiment with Mentos and Coke, and I saw that____________________.

2 – 


In Google Classroom, click on Hot and Cold Water Experiment.

Please read the instructions and ask us if you have any questions.



——————-Reading Home Learning —————-


All of the students have used Readworks and should be familiar with the login process.

Go to https://www.readworks.org/ and click “Student Login”.

Our class code is PAN6DF.  The students then click on their name, and then their password is 1234.

On Thursday, please read “Special Soap” and answer the questions.

On Friday, please “Comparing Solids” and answer the questions.

Each day, the students should spend 20-30 minutes reading any book of their choice. It can be their DEAR-time (Drop Everything And Read) at home. If they don’t have any books to read at home, then they can also do Kids A-Z.


—————–Math Home Learning ———————-

Go to Google Classroom and click on Measurement -Math Home Learning.  You will see the following post.

Look at the photo below. There are 5 different pairs of objects.

1) marker/ruler
2) tape/tree stump
3) bamboo/metal pencil holder
4) calculator/pencil sharpener
5) clay/crayon

– Which one do you think is heavier in each pair? WHY do you think it is heavier? Make sure you explain why and write it below.

For example – I think the ruler is heavier than the marker because the ruler is smaller and is made of metal   (this is not true. It was just an example)

– At the end, please list all ten in order from heaviest to lightest.

Add your ideas in the “private comment” and make sure to write you name if you use the G2edu account to log-in.

math home learning
Also, make sure to finish the IXL assignment from this week’s homework.




In the Event of an Emergency Closure

School closed

Emergency closures can happen any time throughout the academic year with little or no advanced warning. In the event of an emergency school closure, the safety and well being of all community members is a priority. It is recognized that emergency closure only happens during crisis and that format, responses and staff/student availability will depend on the reason for closure.

The school will endeavor to provide the most up to date in formation for all families in relation to the emergency situation/closure. In the event of a closure, the school will provide opportunities for home learning to minimize the impact the closure may have on student’s learning.