Week 27-28 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents, we hope you are well. Thanks as always for your support for our Grade 2 program! We realize that there are a lot of challenges placed on families during these difficult times, but our students continue to stay positive and demonstrate new learning every day!  We thank you for your help in making that possible!

This past week has been a fun and interesting one for our students.  We have begun tuning in to our new ‘Sharing the Planet’ unit of inquiry.  Our students have begun thinking about nature and some of the changes that can happen to our natural world.  Our students have also begun thinking about some of the ways that nature is connected, and learned about air pollution and how this issue can be measured and observed.

Friday means fun with Blooket! Grade 2 joined together to play some friendly Blooket competition with Ms. Rachel and Mr. John.

Book Week | KIS International School

Next week is Book Week!

Children at home tuned-in to the natural world around them.

In the week ahead our students will learn about some of the human actions that can affect nature.  They will do so while revisiting the imaginary continent of Nadroj from our previous unit of inquiry, and role playing certain situations where man-made problems have taken a toll on the natural environment.  Next week our students will also be inquiring into line graphs, and learn how they can be used to display data.  Students will also be reading and learning about persuasive text, and the traditional structure for writing persuasively.

Book Week is coming!  March 28th-April 1st.  It should be a lot of fun!  The focus this year is ‘Tales From Around The World’.  KIS Community members who speak different languages are encouraged to contact Ms. Earth or Ms. Lisa if they would be interested in recording stories from their home language.  Also, there will be an opportunity to buy discounted books online that week, and Grade 2 will be publishing some of their own books about world biomes that they recently completed.

Swimming will be on next week!  We will try again now that Mr. Vern has completed his quarantine period.  Please send your child to school on Monday with their bathing suits, towels, and other swimming day necessities.  Thank you!

Best regards,

Jordan, Jessica, John, Pik, Nook and Cash

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Week 26-27 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

We hope you are well!  Thanks as always for your support! We enjoyed getting the chance to speak with many of you during our parent-teacher meetings. Thanks very much for taking the time!

This past week has been a here in Grade 2. Our students had a great time playing the geography role play game that they helped to create. The students loved imagining their life on our fictitious continent of Nadroj, and rolling dice to see whether the population in their settlement would increase or decrease. The students also really enjoyed imagining and writing about what life might be life in some of the different biomes of the world, such as deserts, forests, grasslands and more.  During literacy lessons, our grade 2 students spent their time creating their own non-fiction report from the research that they conducted throughout the unit.

Students had fun using their acquired knowledge about geography and climate to participate in the summative game around a fictional continent called Nadroj!

More Nadroj fun!

For the week ahead we will begin the provocation for our upcoming ‘Sharing The Planet’ unit of inquiry.  This unit will explore how the choices that humans make can affect our natural environment.  During the unit our students will inquire into how nature is connected, and the responsibility that humans have towards nature.  It should be full of very interesting learning experiences, following the inquiry into the Earth’s climate and geography that the students have just completed.

Swimming begins next week.  Please send your child to school next Monday with a separate bag packed with their swimming items.  Please note that all students are expected to participate in the swimming program.  If students are not participating in swimming classes they will need a medical exemption and doctor’s note.

Plastic Recycling has begun in Grade 2 classroom thanks to one of our Grade 5 Exhibition groups. If you have any single use plastic items at home that your child might like to add to our recycling bin, please feel free to have them bring these items to school.

Thanks again for your support!  Have a great weekend!

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Week 25-26 Communication

Dear Grade Parents,

Thanks as always for your support. We look forward to meeting with you next week during the Parent Teacher Meetings. If you haven’t already signed up there’s still time.  Feel free to email your teacher if you missed the sign up sheet that went out last week.

This Past Week in Grade 2 has been a productive and interesting one.  Our students have been working to transfer their research that they collected on a chosen biome into sentence and paragraph form. They also worked together in small groups to create the rules and procedures for the Nadroj Continent game.  This is a fun role playing game that combines the students’ geography knowledge with some fun game play. Everyone is excited to play!

This week students used their social skills to work collaboratively in small groups around their chosen biome.

Additionally, students typed their research notes into a written information report.

In The Week Ahead our Grade 2 students will spend time playing the Nadroj game and reflecting on their learning from our ‘Where We Are In Place and Time’ unit.  The students will also be working to publish their written work about their chosen biome into a non-fiction booklet. The students will learn and practice some new IT skills as they work to create their own non-fiction booklet.

Thanks again for all your support!  We look forward to meeting with you online next week.

Best regards,

Jordan, John Jessica, Cash, Pik and Nook

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Week 24-25 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

It’s been a great week back in school after the holiday. Thank you to all parents for your support and for helping keep our Grade 2 community safe and in school!

This Past Week has been fun and very busy! Our Grade 2 students worked hard to further develop their research skills. Each student spent time reading and collecting information on a biome of their choice. The students focused on finding and organizing the information they found into a graphic organizer.  During Math lessons, our students inquired into the different ways that we can measure time, and worked to make connections between reading time, and understanding fractions.

Friday was an extra fun day with Wacky Hair Day and house shirt day. Check out some of these creative hairstyles in Grade 2.

In maths, students review and practiced using the language of time and reading clocks to the nearest hour, half hour, and quarter hour.

Here you can see students using their research skills to find out about a chosen biome.

The Week Ahead should be our final week of this ‘Where We Are In Place and Time’ unit of inquiry. The students will be applying the knowledge they have gained about world geography, climates, maps and human survival needs while engaging in a role play activity.  In this activity students will imagine what life might be like in a certain spot in the world, and how the climate and geography of the location might affect how they live there.  It should be lots of fun!  Next week our students will also begin taking the information they’ve gathered about a specific biome and begin creating an informative report. We look forward to seeing our students transfer their geography knowledge into their own written piece.

Parent-Teacher Meetings are planned for the week of March 21st to 25th. A sign up sheet for meeting times will be sent to you via email next Monday. We look forward to meeting with you all soon!

Wacky Hair Day was a big success!  Thank you to all the parents who helped their child get ready.  It was great to see all the spirit around campus on Friday!

Thanks again for your continued support!

Best regards,

Jordan, Jessica, John, Cash, Pik and Nook

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Week 23-24 Communication

Dear Families,

This Past Week in Grade 2 has been a fun and exciting one! Our students have had a great time during our Math Week celebration. Leading up to the week in the PYP at KIS our students spent time exploring the concept of probability. The students conducted math investigations involving dice and flipping coins to gain a better understanding of the chance of different outcomes occurring. As Math Week began the students then transferred their knowledge of fractions and probability while creating their very own games of chance. The students’ created games using spinners, dice, and other items and evaluated whether each game was fair or unfair. The best part of the week of course was when the students got the chance to spend time playing each other’s games. It was a fun end to our week of math learning!’

Students had great fun at school for Maths Week designing, creating, and playing their own fair and unfair games.

Here you can see students exploring landforms in the Discovery Lab using an augmented reality sandbox. Thanks for an engaging and interesting lesson, Mr. Eric!

We ended Maths Week with a dress up day. Check out these creative costumes!

For The Week Ahead After Break our students will be continuing to build their research skills and geographical knowledge. Each student will choose a biome they are interested in learning more about.  They will spend time finding information and organizing the information into different categories.  This research effort is the beginning stages of students working to create an informative written report. It should be a lot of fun to build our geography knowledge and a great learning experience for each student.

Next week will be a holiday. Please enjoy a safe and relaxing break from the school week and we will see you on February 21st!

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Week 22-23 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

Thanks for your continued support!  We hope you and your family are well.

This Past Week has been a fun one. The students have spent time developing their research skills, while learning about key geographical landforms such as rivers, mountains, hills, valleys and oceans.

Students at school have been enjoying specialist classes back in person.

Students are hard at work developing their research skills by reading nonfiction texts.

Happy Chinese New Year! Let’s all welcome the year of the tiger, 2022. Here you can see a few students who created their own dragon and lion to parade around the grade 2 space.

In The Week Ahead we will be investigating the different biomes of the world.  Our students will learn to find specific information and organize the facts that they find into a structured graphic organizer. Our students will then get the chance to choose a biome that they are interested in to complete their own individual research project.

Math Week: next week is Math Week in the PYP. In Grade 2 our focus for math week will be on probability and fractions.  Our students will be working to create their own games of chance using dice, spinners, and other materials.  The students will use their fraction and probability knowledge to explain whether games are fair or unfair. Students are also encouraged to dress up on Friday in a math themed outfit if they like.

Online Learning This Thursday: please be aware that Thursday will be an online learning day for all of KIS while teachers have a PD day.

Thanks again for your continued support.  Have a great weekend!

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Week 21-22 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

Thanks as always for your support!  It’s been a great week in Grade 2.  Whether in school, or at home online, our students showed commitment to their learning.  Well done Grade 2!

This Past Week our students spent time comparing human needs vs wants, as we get ready to inquire into the reason why people settle in specific areas of the world.  Our students also began finding out about geographic landforms, started to develop their research skills and inquired into the important aspects of map reading and coordinate planes.

Students worked on developing their mapping skills this week.

Children worked together to puzzle together the new central idea: The climate and geography of a location can affect how people live. 

For The Week Ahead our students will be inquiring into geographic landforms that affect how people live, and further developing their ability to read and find information and organize it effectively.  Towards the end of the week our students will be finding out about different biomes around the world, such as rainforests, deserts, plains, tundras, and more.  We hope to use VR technology to explore some of these different places around the world as well! It should be lots of fun!

Chinese New Year next week we will also be learning about Chinese New Year. KIS is organizing a charitable donation to the Christian Mission charity and each student is bringing home a red envelope.  If you would like to donate to this cause you can return the red envelope with a small charitable donation. On Tuesday students are also encouraged to wear red clothing or Chinese New Year outfits to celebrate.

Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Jordan, John, Jessica, Cash, Pik and Nook

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Week 20-21 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

We hope you’re well and we appreciate all the support for our Grade 2 program!

This Past Week in Grade 2 we spent time ‘tuning in’ to some of the big ideas that we’ll be exploring during our new unit of inquiry. For example, students shared their prior knowledge of world geography, and thought about what it might be like to live in different climate regions around the world.  Students also spent time inquiring into fraction concepts, and finding different ways to represent and think about basic fractions.


Students tuned-in to the new unit of inquiry, Where We Are in Place and Time, by completing a See, Think, Wonder routine.


Here you can children at school built their knowledge and social relationships through games and challenges this week.

For The Week Ahead our students will begin developing their research skills while reading about different aspects of world geography.  Our students will also be inquiring into maps, their key features and how we use them to help us. Throughout the week we also plan to take a deep dive into the central idea from this new unit of inquiry and play a fun and strategic map game.

Tuesday and Wednesday Online FYI many of our teachers will be receiving their Covid vaccine booster shots this Tuesday and therefore Grade 2 will be online learning for all students this coming Tuesday and Wednesday.  Let’s hope that this is the only disruption in our weekly schedule for next week!

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Week 19-20 Communication

Dear Families,

We hope you are well and that your children had a great week back at school.  Thanks as always for your support!

This Past Week it was amazing to have the majority of our Grade 2 students back in school together! Throughout the week the students got reacquainted and spent time carefully going over the different rules and protocols in place to help keep everyone safe. Our students also spent time reflecting on their learning from Term 1, sharing some of the fun they had while on holiday, and brushing up on their math and literacy skills.

We began the week by reviewing our essential agreements and school norms.

After reviewing norms and essential agreements, students applied their understanding by acting out different class scenarios. The students showed they knew how to act responsibly while being principled.

In mathematics, students reviewed important mindset messages and explored seeing numbers visually and creatively.

The Week Ahead should be another fun one!  We will begin introducing our new ‘Where We Are In Place and Time’ unit of inquiry.  In this unit we will focus on building the students’ social studies knowledge and skills.  During the unit students will inquire into world geography, and learn about the ways that climate and location can affect the way that people live.  Throughout the unit students will build their research skills, and practice writing informative text reports.  They will also be learning math skills related to reading maps and understanding position and scale.  It should be an interesting unit and a lot of fun for our students!

For Our Online Learners we will continue to do our best to provide quality online activities and as much teacher and classmate contact time as possible. We will be aided in this effort going forward by Ms. Rachel Drayton, who will be functioning as our Remote Learning Coordinator.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.  We realize that this is an anxious time for many families, but we will continue to do our very best to make sure that everyone at school stays safe, and keeps learning and having fun every day!

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Happy End of Term!

Let’s celebrate a term of hard work and exciting learning! Please check out the End of Term Celebration website for lots of fun…


We hope that you all have a relaxing and safe break this holiday season and we are looking forward to welcoming students back to school in the new year. Happy Holidays from the Grade 2 team!!!

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