Welcome to the new academic year!

Dear Grade 3 parents and children,

Welcome back to all students and parents to the new academic school year. We are very excited about all the year ahead with new staff members and new home rooms for Grade 3 on the fourth floor.

This year’s teaching team is Mr Matt¬†and Ms Jennifer¬†along with our educational assistant Ms Tik.

For communications our email addresses are: Mr Matt (Grade 3B) matt.ho@kis.ac.th and Ms Jennifer (Grade 3A) jennifer.ja@kis.ac.th

Homework will be given out on a Monday and returned on the Friday. All homework will be uploaded onto the Grade 3 blog alongside photos and updates of our learning journey. We will also have our library time on a Monday so please ensure that books are returned on Mondays.

Our first unit of inquiry, which we are looking forward to starting, centers around ‘Who We Are’ exploring ‘Self-development engages people in meaningful actions’. Throughout the first three weeks the homework will be supportive of this unit of inquiry and we hope you enjoy completing the upcoming tasks with your children.

Please do contact us via the above emails, if you need to for any reason, and please remember to provide us an email or written note if your child can not participate in Swimming or PE.

Kind regards,

Matt & Jen


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