A note from Ms Lindsay

A message from Ms. Lindsay:

As we start our summer holiday, I’d like to share a few resources available to you.

If you follow this link you will arrive at our Summer Holidays Activities page. Here you will find the links to:

-Summer Story Time with Ms. Lisa (Mondays at 10am on Zoom, featuring special guest teachers each week)

-Library Fun with Ms. Lindsay

-Super Summer Sports with Mr. Ben

-Music, ICT, Art and more

Please take your time and explore! There are plenty of resources and activities to support our learning throughout this summer holiday. Don’t forget, you can also visit my webpage here and check out the parent resources section as well.

I hope you have a happy summer holiday!

-Ms. Lindsay


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KIS Virtual Camp Adventures

Summer Camp Adventure 2021

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KIS Online Summer Story Times – Please join us

Monday Story Time

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Weekly update – Friday 4th June

Wow, just like that we are heading into our last week of the academic year!

We hope the students enjoyed a fun end to the week with the ‘Love your Library’ celebrations today. It was wonderful to see them exploring, creating, listening and reading throughout the day.

Bookmark designsloveourlibrary

The students have been engaged and working hard to complete their projects for our final unit of inquiry. We are looking forward to sharing and celebrating their journey to creating their ‘Revolutionary Robots’ with you via Padlet next Friday.

This week we have delved into ‘Time’ in maths. Students have practiced reading digital and analogue clocks, converting between 12 and 24hr time as well as solving word problems involving elapsed time. Next week we will enjoy some fun problem-solving challenges and reflections to wrap up what has been a wonderful year of mathematics.

In Language, students have been applying their instructional writing skills to create a set of instructions for how to build their very own robots. They will be continue with these next week.

Next week we will continue with our regular schedule Monday – Thursday. Friday we will begin the day with an 8am morning zoom call with our classes. Then it will be time to explore the KIS PYP Sharing Page where you can view learning from all grades and classes. We will finish off the day with a Grade Zoom.

We know it is not the end to Grade 3 we had all hoped for, but we will endeavor to make next week a special one. It will be a chance for us all to look back on a wonderful year of learning, a huge year of resilience and of course celebrate all the highlights and challenges we have overcome together.

What students will need for Week 8 is attached below:

What you will need wk8

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Have a lovely weekend.

-G3 Team

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Love Your Library Day!

Love your Library

Dear PYP Community,

On Friday, June 4, the PYP Library will be hosting “Love Your Library Day”. We can’t wait to celebrate all of the wonderful things libraries can help us do like read, create, listen, and explore! There will be live sessions and activities for all grades, following a special timetable listed on the Love Your Library website. The website will be shared with you on Friday morning.

Our hope is that this day highlights the importance of libraries to our community, and gives us all a chance to enjoy some “screen free” time by reading, listening to audiobooks, completing STEM challenges, creating art, and of course, more reading! We will have special read aloud sessions in Mother Tongue languages, with PE and Music connections as well.

To best prepare for the day, you can have a variety of art and craft materials ready like paper, pencils, markers, glue, scissors, and recycled materials, which will allow your child to take part in STEM and creation activities. And, of course, BOOKS!

We can take advice from the beloved Harry Potter series and Hermione Granger who says, “When in doubt, go to the library”.

See you Friday!

-Ms. Lindsay

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Weekly Update – Friday 28th May

Thank you all for another wonderful week of remote learning. We have enjoyed some fun and creative lessons this week with students working through the design process to bring their revolutionary robots to life!

It has been a real pleasure to connect with our learners via Google Meet for a one-to-one student/teacher conferences over the past two weeks. We have been so impressed with the reflective nature our learners have demonstrated and the organisation skills they have displayed by being prepared and on time for these meetings.

This afternoon was also a super opportunity for students to get involved with the G4 Passion Time and spend some time with students from across the grades. A massive thank you to the G4 Team and students who planned and led these activities for the PYP. This is the spirit that makes KIS such a special place to be!

Coming up next week:

Maths – Next week we will be focusing on ‘Telling the Time’ – Students will be practicing telling the time on analogue and digital clocks as well as answering questions that will require them to apply their knowledge of seconds, minutes and hours.

Language – Students will be applying instructional writing features they have developed over the past week to write clear instructions for building their robot design.

Unit of Inquiry – Students will create their revolutionary robot using junk modelling and resources from around the home. They will continue to record snapshots and reflections of their journey on their individual Padlet spaces.

With only two weeks of the year to go, we know that there are a lot of tired students and families but we are almost there!

‘What you will need’ for Week 7 is attached below for your reference.

What you will need WK7

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Have a lovely weekend.

-G3 Team

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End of Year – Virtual Talent Show


Calling all students! Do you have a talent?  – singing, dancing, playing an instrument, telling jokes, story telling, gymnastics, rubik’s cube, skipping, cartwheels, anything! Just use your imagination and creativity.

Would you like to share with the Primary School community?


If so, please send a video of your talent to Mr. Chris by 12 midday 4th June in the folder that will be shared on Google Classroom.

Please include your name and class in the video and file name.

Any questions should be directed to Mr. Chris  chris.pa@kis.ac.th

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Weekly update – Friday 21st May

Wow, a different but wonderful Hero Book Day this year! Hopefully your child felt inspired and excited to read new genres of books and celebrate all the heroes in their lives. It was a lovely positive way to end the week and think of heroes around us and in our imaginations.

Here is the link to the Padlet with some amazing costumes from students across the PYP!

The creativity and innovation in the art challenges was outstanding too. Check out all of the amazing creations on the art challenge Padlet. Some stand-out examples below!

aartart challengeartist

Coming up in the week ahead:

Maths – Students will be exploring rotation of shapes: full, half and quarter turn. They will be describing movements and directions based on compass Points: N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW. Later in the week we will introduce degree turns to 45 degrees.

Language – Students will be exploring instructional writing and focus on key features needed to make these successful. In particular looking at sequencing instructions, being clear and explicit as well as using imperative (bossy) verbs.

Unit of Inquiry – This week students will begin designing their own revolutionary robot to go further into exploration – exploring limitations and solutions. They will be starting the design process by sketching, labelling, and uploading the process to individual Padlet threads.

Please see the attached file for a list of resources that will be required next week (Week 6)

What you will need wk6

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out or come along to our Parent Zoom Meeting on Wednesday at 8:10am.

Hope you all have a well deserved and restful weekend.

-G3 Team

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Weekly Update – Friday 14th May

Dear Grade 3 families,

Thank you all for another wonderful week of support and encouragement with remote learning. It was lovely to see some of you at our Parent Zoom Meeting on Wednesday morning and hear your feedback and suggestions going forward. We are continuing to be impressed with the dedication our learners are showing to achieving their learning goals and developing new skills and knowledge.

G3 Wow Work Padlet is attached below for you to check out what’s been happening across the grade and celebrate the hard work over the last couple of weeks!: https://padlet.com/tonilo1/dykrl4c8eb5nsu4h

It was a fun way to end the week with ‘PJ Day’ today and we loved seeing the students  smiling and laughing together in their PJ’s.

Screenshot 2021-05-14 8.07.45 AM3B

We are looking forward to another fun and engaging week of learning ahead.

In Maths, students will continue with translating shapes on a coordinate plane and introduce degree turns and rotation of shapes.

Students will be using descriptive writing techniques to describe a location and take a reader on a journey around a new place in language.

In Unit of inquiry sessions, students will research and learn about robots, roamers and drones used to ‘go further’ in exploration, solving human limitations.

Hero Book Day 2021

Book Day – Heroes and Superheroes


Friday 21st May, 2021

We are celebrating books online this year. Our theme is to recognise not only superheroes in books and comics, but those around us. Heroes could be mums and dads, doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, Moana, Elsa/ Ana, Superman, Batman, IronMan…

Students will not attend regular online classes, but instead live the life of a superhero through creative writing, books, music, art and movement. Your child will attend the zoom session based on their grade level. More detailed information has been sent via email and we will communicate this again with students before Friday.

Other documents:

The slides form Ms Alex’s forum on Parent and Student Well-being this morning are attached below if you missed them.

Parent Forum- Parent and Student Well-being

What you will need for Wk 5 document attached below for you.

Wk5 What you will need

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Weekly update – 7th of May

Week 3 of remote learning has been a short week but a busy one! Lots of thinking and research skills in action as the students reflected on how exploration has changed from past to present in our unit of inquiry sessions. Next week they will begin to think of themselves as explorers. They will be making decisions on where they would like to travel to and discover using applications such as Google Earth, Google Maps and National Geographic: virtual tours.

Explorer backpackpast and present explorers

In language this week, students finished reading the story ‘Ice Trap’ and have demonstrated some wonderful descriptive writing pieces that ‘painted a picture’ for the reader.  Next week, students will research where they would like to explore, then give written updates home from their ‘expedition’.

 Letter home

In math lessons this week, students have been looking at pie charts and demonstrating their understanding of the data by responding to questions and forming statements. Next week we will introduce our new focus of coordinates. Students will be using a simple grid with an x-axis and y-axis and begin to plot and read coordinates.

We continue to be blown away by the positive attitudes, organisation and engagement of our G3 learners each day. We know this is a challenging time for all, but are so impressed with the resilience our learners are demonstrating.

Please continue to encourage learners to take breaks and enjoy some non-screen time wherever possible.

A huge thank you to you at home for your continued support and partnership.

As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s homeroom teacher directly or come along to our Parent Zoom meeting on Wednesdays at 8:10am.

Take care and have a lovely weekend! We will see learners back online on Monday morning.

-G3 Team

enjoy your weekend

What you will need for next week document:

WK 4 what you will need

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