Tuesday 16th March

Welcome back after the long weekend!

Thanks again to all of you who met with us over Zoom last week for Parent-Teacher conferences. It was a great opportunity to discuss the student’s strengths and next steps with you. We really appreciated all the feedback and it’s always a great opportunity to strengthen our home-school partnership so we can best support our learners to reach their goals.

Here are some snapshots of learners in action last week:

Coming up this week:

Literacy: We are continuing with our focus on persuasive writing. Students will unpack the features of persuasive writing, and plan for a persuasive piece by considering an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. We will be working collaboratively to create a shared persuasive text using the key features and a clear structure so students can become familiar with this format. They will be continuing with this process and beginning to write their own persuasive texts on topics connected to our current unit- Sustainability in the following weeks.

Math: Last week students practiced using a range of strategies to solve increasingly challenging multiplication problems. It has been wonderful to see them developing a ‘toolbox’ of strategies they can draw on and working collaboratively, discussing their methods and recognising what works well for them individually. This week we will continue to work on multiplication and then start to focus on how we can ‘prove’ our solutions by using another method or doing the inverse operation (e.g. division)

UOI: This week we will be completing research projects on ‘Source to Resource’ and students will be presenting their findings to the class. They will then go on to evaluate what sustainable and unsustainable resource use is, and form their own definitions for these terms. Later in the week students will be looking at the effects of non-sustainable resource use on the environment and beginning to think about how they can take action.

Please note Swimming Lessons are up and running again from today (Tuesday 16th March) Please see the attached letter from Ms June with more information about swimming.

Swim Program resuming March 16, 2021


Hope everyone has a wonderful short week!

G3 Team

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