Monday 22nd March

This past week has been a busy one, lots of great learning happening across the curriculum.  Student’s have loved getting back into swimming lessons and are enjoying the cool pool temperatures in this heat!

Here are some snapshots of G3 Learners in Action from last week.

Coming up this week:

Literacy: This week, students will be brainstorming ideas, planning and then drafting their own piece of persuasive writing on a topic they feel passionate about. They will be developing skills and vocabulary to introduce the topic, state an opinion, and provide reasons that support the opinion. Students will edit and improve their writing by using a checklist of persuasive features to ensure they have used linking words and phrases (e.g., because, therefore, since, for example) to connect opinion and reasons. 

In reading, students are continuing to work towards their personal targets through guided group sessions and independent tasks. Please continue to encourage them to read for 20-30minutes each night at home and have conversations about what they’re reading to build comprehension skills. (document attached with some possible questions to ask)

Math: Last week students were able to apply some of the strategies they have been learning to solve more challenging multiplication problems and word based problems. We have loved seeing the collaboration with one another as they share their methods and learn from each other. In the coming weeks we will be shifting our focus to division strategies and focusing on the inverse relationship between these two operations so students can check their work and ‘prove’ their solution.

UOI: This week in our unit, students will be ‘Finding out’ through a product evaluation. They will evaluate the suitability of a material for a given purpose (e.g: plastic bags). Students will be exploring whether there are alternative materials that would be suitable for the same product by considering the properties required. Students will set up and test the properties of a range of materials (e.g. absorbency and strength) They will follow the scientific testing process by developing a hypothesis, testing, observing, recording and evaluating results. 

House Challenge- Book BINGO!

Student council and the library have been working together to create an academic house challenge! Starting Monday March 22, students are invited to complete a reading challenge to help their house complete a bingo. Students will take a photo of themselves or have a photo taken of them completing the challenge. They will give it to me (via email or in person) and I will hang it on the board. Jumbo bingo boards will be in the atrium on Friday where they will be a nice, BIG display of the readers in our school. This will run until April 2 or until the first house reaches a total blackout bingo (all squares covered).
What we hope is that this challenge excites our avid readers, inspires our reluctant ones, and brings the house communities together as they work for their Bingos.

Thanks again for your support at home, it’s wonderful to see the students so motivated to achieve their goals and only two more weeks before a well deserved Songkran break.

Have a wonderful week!

-G3 Team

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