Friday, September 10, 2021

This past week we continued to find out more about the different digital media platforms that we can use to express ourselves. On Thursday, we again had a five teacher workshops where students could learn how to use a new digital tool

In math, we continued to build upon what we learned about patterns and began even and odd numbers. The students understanding seemed to grow from “even numbers are 2,4,6, 8” to even numbers can be divided in half into equal groups, while odd numbers will always have an extra one.

In language, we continued building the necessary foundation the students will need to write their own stories later in the unit. We focused on how to be more descriptive in our settings, and the students progressed from identifying adjectives and drawing a described setting to writing their own descriptive setting.

Here is some amazing work that are students created and shared using our new digital tools –


Online Behavior

In general, our students have been very responsible and respectful when writing online. We’ve noticed the students language and tone progressing to a more professional tone in their comments and messages. While there are still the occasional hiccups, we hope you take the time to ask you child about proper online communication and then praise them for doing so well.

Get Epic Hours

We have had several questions from parents and students about why Get Epic is asking for you to pay money. Epic is free to use during school hours, so probably from 6am – 3pm Monday-Friday. If you try to access it after school hours, it’ll ask you to buy a family account.


Help Desk Padlet

As we move forward, with a growth mindset, please remember that learning systems and routines take time to establish so it is perfectly expected for students to be asking questions and sometimes being not sure what to do.

The Help Desk Padlet is always monitored during school hours, and we try to respond as quickly as possible. It’s also a good chance for students to help one another if they know the answer to a question.

Weekly Parent Meeting

For parents, we have a weekly meeting on Wednesday mornings at 8:00am. The link will be sent out in an email as it is against policy to post it in a public forum. If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to pop-in at that time and talk to the teachers.

If you have any urgent questions or concerns, you can always email your  homeroom teacher directly.

The Week Ahead

Please find the planner for Week 6 – September 13-17  – at this link.  Our new unit is about how “Digital Media provides us with many ways to express ourselves.”

Language – We will be learning how to “show, not tell” when describing characters and what they are doing or how they are feeling.

Math – We will continue to focus on building our foundational number skills.

UOI – We will focusing on how to choose the correct digital tool and way of communication depending on the intended audience.

Reading – We will being doing reading groups next week. In general, students will usually have two days of guided reading group with their homeroom teacher and their EA. The other three days will usually require the students to complete independent reading tasks.



Here is what you will need for the week ahead, in both homeroom and specialist classes.

week 7 speciliasts




Daily Schedules

Our Daily Schedules can be found below. We will stick to this schedule as closely as we can.

Remote Learning Grade 3 Timetable Student_Parent

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your homeroom teacher.

Ms. Jen –
Mr. Marc –
Ms. Ronyii –

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