Friday 26th November

Good afternoon G3 Parents and Families and wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all of those who celebrate.


As we come towards the end of our third week in the Hybrid model it has been a great time to pause and reflect on our unique journey this year. Starting the year via remote learning and moving into a new model with students learning both in school and at home. It has been lovely to think about what we are thankful for and how lucky we are to be able to adapt to the changing times and continue with our learning. 

We are so proud of what the students have achieved, their resilience and flexibility have been constantly challenged and at each turn they rise to the challenge. This week we have introduced our digital portfolios for term one and reflected on our achievements and updating our goals. 

As part of our UOI students have really begun to show agency as they work together in small groups to design, plan and create a mini organisation. Students have used their passions to inspire their idea for their organisation, took time to think about a creative name and set goals to strive towards. As we look ahead, students will be moving into the planning stage of welcoming visitors (digitally) to take part in their organisation so are having to consider a number of things for this to be successful. 

We would like to thank you all for your continued support in the program and wish you an enjoyable weekend ahead. 

Looking ahead: 

Here you can find the overview for next week and resources:

What we will need for learning next WEEK 16 – 29th Nov – 3rd DEC 21

Please find the planner for Week 13– November 8 – 12  – at this link.

This week students will finalise their mission statements, using key vocabulary to make them poignant and meaningful. 

Throughout the week students will work on a planning template. This is a plan of what they will be doing step by step when we have visitors (digitally) so all organisation members are knowledgeable in knowing what will happen, what you will need, resources and timings amongst the group.

Questions that need to be thought out and planned for within the organisation.

  • Who will lead this part?
  • What will be shared? 
  • How long will this part take?
  • How will you start your session 
  • What will customers do?
  • What do they need to participate?
  • What resources need to be prepared?
  • How will you end the session?
  • Will there be some kind of reflection to be completed after the session e.g. Google form.

If students have completed all of the above  they will start thinking how they can advertise their organisations e.g. website, flyers etc.

Language – 

Language time this week will be used to support UOI and Portfolio’s. 

Again this week there will be some dedicated time for students to work on their Portfolios. Portfolio templates have been shared in Google Classroom. We are encouraging students to find evidence of their work they want to use in their portfolios

Towards the end of the week if students have finished their planning and designing for their organisations students will look at how they can advertise their organisations. 

Math – 

This week students will be formally introduced to Repeated Addition to solve multiplication problems.

Students will continue to tune in and engage with a range of vocabulary connected to addition and multiplication.

Students will have opportunities to make connections and see the relationship between addition and multiplication.


E.g. Skip counting connections between repeated addition and multiplication.  

original-1741217-1 screenshot-2020-11-16-at-14.26.00_ver_1

Students will revisit the numbers and symbols and see if they can make connections  between repeated addition and multiplication. 

Students will need to justify and prove their findings and solutions to problems.

Weekly mental maths working on their mental agility and confidence in +/-/x  number

ReadingFlight Checks Raz Kids – Class teachers will be chasing up any last minute Flight Checks that need to be completed on Raz Kids 


Vocabulary Acquisition – students focusing on reading for meaning and noticing any new or unfamiliar vocabulary as they read.

Using tools such as a thesaurus and dictionary to extend and develop understanding of a text.

Asking and answering questions about texts they are reading to build comprehension skills and understanding.

Students will use a range of reading platforms (ORT, library books, Raz and Epic) to read for pleasure at an instructional level.



Here you can find both the remote learning and the in class learning schedules that we will be starting from Monday. Please note that all specialist classes, apart from Thai, will take place when students are at home. Please see the schedule and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Hybrid_ Remote Learning Grade 3 Timetable Student_Parent (1)

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your homeroom teacher.

Ms. Jen –

Mr. Marc –

Ms. Ronyii –

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