Friday 21st January

Good afternoon G3 Parents and Families, 

It has been a busy week and an usual start with having two days of remote learning to start us off with. We were very impressed with how the students transitioned back to remote learning routines and expectations. We hope this was a one off however we must stay prepared in case of similar circumstances in the future. Should this be the case, we will return to Google Classroom as our primary place of instruction for the students.

For those of our students who remain learning remotely, thank you for your patience when there has been a slight delay in communications. We are striving to ensure learning outcomes are consistent regardless of whether students are learning in the classroom or at home. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Rachel for her help with leading live sessions with our remote learners and in the next couple of weeks, provide additional opportunities for remote learning students to engage in live lessons with the class in school. More information regarding the schedule for these to follow next week. 

We have had a wonderful start to our new unit of inquiry ‘Exploration leads to new discoveries, opportunities and understanding’ reflecting on research carried out during Monday and Tuesday and considering the similarities and differences of famous explorers and digging deeper into the diversity of the explorers throughout history. Please see some photos below of students tuning in and sorting out of their ideas around the concept of exploration. 

Looking ahead: 

Please find the planner for Term 2 Week 3– January 24th-28th  – at this link.

UOI – On Friday G3 students were given the time to explore possible explorers and areas that they are passionate about.

The students task this week is to decide on an inspiring explorer. Students will need to research in depth one explorer. So they can take on the character of the explorer and give an entertaining presentation to their classmates on Friday.

Will be sharing a template to help them research and gather information. Some of the areas that will need to be covered for their explorer.

  • Who is your  explorer?
  • Why did you choose them?
  • How were they inspired
  • What did they discover?
  • Timeline of their life?

We will be encouraging children to diversify their research so we have a wide range of explorers  like male, female, young, old, different races, different countries and old and modern day explorers for example.

There will be a mixture of Must dos and Can dos! Students will  have opportunities to share their different explorers on Friday in a 3 minute presentation.

Language and UOI will be closely linked throughout this unit as students continue to focus on exploring their understanding of exploration.

The main focus this week, students will be researching one explorer they are inspired by and want to find out more.

Students will be continuing to work on the following skills

  • Researching 
  • note taking
  • summarising
  • presenting their work
  • cross referencing
  • finding reliable sources and examples


This week, students will be introduced to division with the first session will be finding out what students already know and connections that can be made: 

Questions examples

How would you solve this sum using division?

What do you already know about division? 

What strategies are you already familiar with using division?

Students will have opportunities to practice division with sharing groups, manipulatives and repeated subtraction.

Students will continue completing the Daily Mental Maths where we will explore concepts we have explored so far.

Continuing with building individual multiplication and dividing  individual fluency. 

ReadingFlight Checks Raz Kids – All students will have a reading assessment on Raz Kids to complete. Groups  1 & 2 will have one session with an adult and the other to complete their flight check. (This maybe done individually with Class teacher)

Vocabulary Acquisition – students focusing on reading for meaning and noticing any new or unfamiliar vocabulary as they read. Using tools such as a thesaurus and dictionary to extend and develop understanding of a text. Asking and answering questions about texts they are reading to build comprehension skills and understanding. Students will use a range of reading platforms (ORT, library books, Raz and Epic) to read for pleasure at an instructional level.

We thank you so much for your continued support as we continue to navigate challenging times, please, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your homeroom teacher and we will be happy to help however we can. 

Ms. Jen –

Mr. Marc –

Ms. Ronyii –

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