G3 Weekly Update 4th March

Good afternoon G3 Parents and Families, 

It has been a busy week in G3. 

On Tuesday, students learned about Shrove Tuesday and enjoyed learning how Christians around the world celebrate before the start of Lent. Much to the delight of the kids many pancakes were tossed and eaten with lots of yummy toppings. 

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Link Shared with G3 Shrove Tuesday

For those of our students who remain learning remotely, thank you for your continued patience. We are striving to ensure learning outcomes are consistent regardless of whether students are learning in the classroom or at home. Ms Rachel will continue to provide additional opportunities for remote learning students to engage in live lessons with the class in school. 

Thank you to you all who have signed up for G3 Parent Conferences happening next week. If you haven’t got around to it yet here is the link – G3 Parent Teacher Conferences


This week in UOI we started off the week by unpacking the Central Idea: The Earth constantly changes due to natural forces. Students used dictionaries, thesauruses and online dictionaries (https://kids.wordsmyth.net/we/) to find and understand what the words meant. The students had a group challenge this week, to become experts in one of the 4 or 5 different layers of the earth. The students enjoyed researching and working in their groups.

With this new unit we are able to dedicate Thursday mornings to do some fun  hands-on experiments and observations. This week we investigated Convection Currents and the effect that heat has on liquid?


In language this week students focused on using the Cornell Note taking method to help students make notes whilst researching their layer of the Earth. Ready to be the expert in their group during Friday’s session when they rejoin and plan how and what they want to present.  Cornell Note Taking video


This week, students continued to explore their understanding of multiplying and dividing by 10/100/100. We also introduced fractions where the students had to complete an initial checkin quiz,  learned about tenths and applied that knowledge  to recognise and match different fractions.


Students continue to work through the units using Wonder Reads in their class reading groups. There will be a combination of  reading and writing activities for the students to  do. Students will use a range of reading platforms (ORT, library books, Raz, Epic & Newslea) to read for pleasure at an instructional level. Students will apply and use reading strategies when reading complete both independently and with an adult..

Every Friday, remote learners will join Ms Ronyii  from 12 – 12:40 pm for a reading session.

Looking ahead: 

Please find the planner for Term 2 Week 8– 4th –8th March  at this link.


This week students will present their layers of the Earth research to their class. On Thursday morning we will be looking at the Viscosity of liquids and will conduct an and record results from an experiment. 

Lastly students will explore the concept of cause and effect of the movement of tectonic plates and land formations. Students will be introduced to the following scientific terms below:

  • Divergent 
  • Convergent 
  • transforming 


Students will Identify key features of non-fiction texts and explain their purpose. (heading, sub-headings, glossaries, diagrams, captions etc.)  Students will use skills in non-fiction texts to find key facts  through research. Students will use these key facts to write informational text about their layer of the earth.


We will continue exploring fractions. Students will have a chance to make their own fraction wall and use this throughout the week to order fractions.

Coming events

  • Swimming

Swimming will return to the primary curriculum in Week 9 (March 14) after parent teacher conferences. Students will arrive at school with their swimming costume under the uniform (don’t forget to pack underwear in the bags).

  • 21st- 25th March-Exhibition weeK
  • Tales from around the worldBook Week : (28th March – 1 April): 
  • 11th April –End of Term 2

Thank you for your ongoing support and as always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your homeroom teacher.

Ms. Jen – jennifer.ja@kis.ac.th

Mr. Marc – marc.fi@kis.ac.th

Ms. Ronyii – ronyii.gi@kis.ac.th


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