G3 Weekly Update 11.03.22

Good afternoon G3 Parents and Families, 

It has been yet another busy week in G3. 

Ms Ronyii and Ms Jen would like to thank all the parents for attending Parent Conferences this week. It really was a lovely opportunity to reconnect and share your child’s progress with you all. 

GC3 will return on Wednesday 16th March. Mr Marc will be holding Parent Teacher Conferences so all appointments already made will remain the same. Here is the link –  G3 Parent Teacher Conferences

For those students who remain learning remotely, please follow G3C Google Classroom for your daily checkin and daily timetable. (They will be added to the G3C Google classroom)


This week in UOI we started off finding out what the students already knew about Tectonic Plates. Through a series of slides and videos we discussed how the earth was one landmass called Pangaea. Together the crust and the upper mantle make up the Earth’s tectonic plates which fit together like a puzzle. Over  145 million years the tectonic plates started to split Pangaea apart to form the continents we know today. Students carefully cut and assembled their own tectonic plate puzzles.

Thursday morning we continued the fun with some hands-on experiments and observations. This week we investigated the viscosity of different liquids .

On Friday we made connections on what was going on in the upper mantle affects the movement of the tectonic plates and land formations. Students were introduced to the following scientific terms below which they had to research and find out about.

  • Divergent 
  • Convergent 
  • transforming 


In language this week students started comparing features of nonfiction and fiction books. Then students in groups presented their research findings of the different  layers of the Earth to the rest of the class. Students were able to give constructive feedback and did a fabulous job of presenting their findings with improved confidence.


This week, students continued to explore their understanding of fractions. Students created their own fraction walls and used them to identify equivalent fractions. 


To mix things up a little this week in reading  the Students had a week of D.E.A.R. which they thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunities to read on a range of platforms.

Every Friday, remote learners will join Ms Ronyii  from 12 – 12:40 pm for a reading session.

Looking ahead

Please find the planner for Term 2 Week 9– 14th –18th March  at this link.


In literacy we will continue exploring and understanding features of nonfiction texts and how these features  are used to organise information, e.g. headings and subheading. 


This week we will continue the D.E.A.R. Flight Checks on Raz Kids will be given and teachers will be conducting reading assessments in the next coming weeks.


Next students will be inquiring into the ring of fire – where is it? Why are volcanoes formed there? How are volcanoes formed?


We will continue exploring fractions by comparing and ordering them.

Up & Coming events

  • Swimming, will return to the primary curriculum in Week 9 (March 14) 

Link to PE blog https://sites.google.com/edu.kis.ac.th/kispyppeswimming/pe-lgs

Students will arrive at school with their swimming costume under the uniform (don’t forget to pack underwear in the bags).

  • 28th March – 1st April Exhibition weeK 
  • Tuesday 29th & Wednesday 30th March.  We have now confirmed that we can welcome parents and classes to celebrate our G5 learning – more details to come. Thank you for your support. 
  • Tales from around the worldBook Week : (28th March – 1 April): 
  • 1st April- book dress up day
  • 11th April – End of Term 2

Thank you for your ongoing support and as always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your homeroom teacher.

Ms. Jen – jennifer.ja@kis.ac.th

Mr. Marc – marc.fi@kis.ac.th

Ms. Ronyii – ronyii.gi@kis.ac.th

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