G3 Cartoonist Day

Cartoonist Day (2)

Dear G3 Parents,

Literacy is not just about the words in a book – an illustrator can write the story with just images. This year we will be celebrating Cartoonists Day on May 5. It is a great opportunity to celebrate the artist authors amongst us.

Why: To celebrate the artist-authors amongst us
When: May 5 (Week 3 – 2 public holidays this week)
What: Illustrations and Conversations
  1. Character Exhibition: Students/ staff will draw their favourite graphic novel character (Cartoons, manga…) or create their own new character. The submissions will form an exhibition (no competition). Submissions are due May 9th to the library.
  2. Graphic Artist Zoom: Ms Earth has organised for Friday 5th May at 12pm and Zoom with a Thai cartoonist Thanachai Sundaravej (http://www.CloudBookClub.com/). All classes will be able to log onto zoom to talk with the artist. Post Questions here

Ms Amanda has made a Google slide with some helpful hints to help you to create your cartoon character. Cartoonist Day slides

Link to Seesaw support –   Seesaw activity with some ideas for drawings

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