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Good afternoon G3 Parents and Families, 

I hope you all enjoyed the two public holidays this week. 


Literacy is not just about the words in a book – an illustrator can write the story with just images. This week, Thursday we celebrated International World  Cartoonists Day. It is a great opportunity to celebrate the artist authors amongst us. Ms Earth had organised for a Zoom call at 12pm with a prominent Thai cartoonist Thanachai Sundaravej. Students enjoyed looking at his books and asking lots of questions about being a cartoonist. 

Character Exhibition: Students/ staff will draw their favourite graphic novel character (Cartoons, manga…) or create their own new character. The submissions will form an exhibition (no competition). Submissions are due May 9th to Ms Earth in the library.

Ms Amanda has made a Google slide with some helpful hints to help you to create your cartoon character. Cartoonist Day slides

Link to Seesaw support –   Seesaw activity with some ideas for drawings

This week, students have been learning about different persuasive devices they can add and use in their persuasive writing about their game being the best game ever. Students need to choose to devices. Below are the different persuasive devices the students explored this week.


U.O.I this week students have been learning about renewable and non renewable natural resources. 


This week students were learning about capacity and volume of shapes. Students enjoyed the hands-on water activities working out the answers to the different capacity activity cards. Then students got to apply their maths skills in solving capacity related word problems. 



When learning about the volume of shapes, students had to find the volume of different cubes and rectangular prisms. Students were encouraged to apply their number skills to calculate the volume so they worked ‘smarter and not harder’.

 Looking ahead: 

Please find the planner for Term 2 Week 26th – 9th – 13th May at this link.

Student Conferences:

Next week we will be getting ready for Student Led Conferences. Information about sign up for time slots will be going out sometime next week. Student Led Conferences will be taking place Monday 16th May 2022. Below are a few things to expect.

  • Parents will make an hour appointment on the set schedule and bring in their child for that time only
  • Parents with more than one child will sign up for consecutive hours.
  • Only 2 adults per child (so 8 parents and 4 children in a 1-hour rotation
  • Hourly sessions will be 8:00-9:00, 9:15-10-15, 10:30-11:30, 11:45-12:45 and 1:00-2:00 (There is 15 minutes between rotations to wipe tables and reset)
  • Students only come in for their appointed hour and then leave – its a no-school day for them (There will be 4 students each session.)
  • There will be 4 centres in your child’s classroom for parents and students to rotate.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be outside the external classroom door for parents and students
  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • ATKs tests are expected for staff, parents, and students the day before 
  • Overanxious parents can choose not to come

Thank you for your ongoing support and as always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your homeroom teacher. 

Enjoy the  weekend!

Ms. Jen – jennifer.ja@kis.ac.th

Mr. Marc – marc.fi@kis.ac.th

Ms. Ronyii – ronyii.gi@kis.ac.th


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