G3 Weekly Update

Good afternoon G3 Parents and Families, 

A quick reminder about the after school programs.

Swim Fun and Basket Fun Mondays for Grade 3 started last week and will continue until the end of term. Please see the schedule below.

Ms Alex Grade Visit

Ms Alex, the PYP School Counsellor visited each G3 class this week.  To discuss and listen to issues and concerns that have been repeatedly occurring within the grade. Students welcomed the opportunity to be able to voice their concerns in a safe environment. We reinforced the message that they need to support each other by talking to an adult if someone says or does something inappropriate.

Today the children thoroughly enjoyed the House Day Challenge! Which was created by the House Captains, an obstacle race around the playgrounds.

The results are in and here they are:

Grade 2/3- winners were Hanuman

EY1/2- winners were Tosakan

Grade 4/5- winner were Hanuman

EY3/1- winners were Erawan


The overall winners were (for the entire challenge)

1) Erawan with a time of 25:29- 100 house points 

2) Hanuman with a time of 25:39-75 house points 

3) Tosakan with a time of 28:11-50 house points 

4)Naga with a time of 31:47- 25 house points


This week in literacy students explored and found out about their individual carbon footprint. Students used the following link to assess their carbon footprint.


Students were able to analyse and reflect their understanding by answering the questions following below:

  1. What is your carbon footprint?
  2. Why do we need to reduce our carbon footprint?
  3. What can you do to reduce carbon footprint?


Students revisited the word sustainable as they embarked on the early research and planning stages of their final task. Designing a sustainable home? 

The first draft of their Sustainable home design will be on paper. Students will then design their sustainable homes using Minecraft illustrating the need to move towards more sustainable living. Students will design and build a sustainable home on sustainable land to withstand the process of climate change. Students will make design changes as they research the connections with the real world related to the creation of environmentally sustainable homes.

Students are now in the process of turning their designs into a sustainable home in Minecraft.


Students continued their learning journey of collecting and presenting data. All Grade 3 Students completed a set of questions on a google form. Then they needed to collate information into a table of results and then create a chart to represent the data.


Students continued to work through the units using Wonder Reads in their class reading groups. There will be a combination of reading and writing activities for the students to do. Students will use a range of reading platforms (ORT, library books, Raz, Epic & Newslea) to read for pleasure at an instructional level. Students are encouraged to apply and use reading strategies when reading both independently and with an adult. Students should be reading three Raz books a week. 

D.E.A.R  Time on Fridays.

Looking ahead: 

Please find the planner for Term 2 Week 30th – 3rd June at this link.


Students will design their own Google form to collect information. (It has to be connected to the unit.) Students will complete the google form, collate information into a table of results. Students will then  explore and create different charts using information collected on Google Sheets e.g.bar graph/chart, pie graph or a pictogram to represent their data. 


Students will continue to plan and draft their letter, writing to parents or school to persuade and convince their family to make some serious lifestyle changes to help reduce the family’s carbon footprint. Students will use the O.R.E.O structure and persuasive devices to help support their opinions.


Students will continue creating and building their sustainable homes on Minecraft.


Students will continue to work through the units using Wonder Reads in their class reading groups and D.E.A.R on Fridays.

Upcoming events 

  • Next week is a short week 4 day week with Friday being a no school day for all KIS personnel and students.
  • G3 Class Party Wednesday  8th June – Sadly no parents 🥺 and please provide individually wrapped party foods and drinks only – strictly no nuts or traces of nuts

Thank you for your ongoing support and as always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your homeroom teacher. 

Enjoy the weekend!

Ms. Jen – jennifer.ja@kis.ac.th

Mr. Marc – marc.fi@kis.ac.th

Ms. Ronyii – ronyii.gi@kis.ac.th

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