🎉G3 End of Year Class Party!🎉

Dear G3 Parents,

The G3 End of year party will take place on Wednesday 8th June in the afternoon after lunch. 

Sadly, we are still unable to have parents on campus (hopefully this is last time) therefore we are asking for students to bring in a food or drink contribution, ideally individually wrapped food and drink items similar to the Christmas Party. We do have the ability to collect deliveries at the primary school gate like pizza etc which is great as we didn’t have this option at the Christmas Party. 

Aside from the above we will be organising some fun games and activities in each of the classrooms that the children can participate in. 

Please email your child’s class teacher if you have any questions. 

For more details of end of term term dates please see the calendar here.

Warm regards, 


G3 Team


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