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Feb. 11-13th, 2019

What a fun and exciting week!  We had our G4 sports day and upper school sports days with students enjoying the activities for all.  Our grade 4 class did steal the bacon and benchball on Monday and then had the track and field events on Wednesday.  After lunch for those that stayed we had a wonderful time with G4 in the swimming pool to relax and end the day.

In our UOI we started our civilizations with students choosing and designing their own civilization and systems.  Students will detail how their civilization will function, draw maps of their civilization/country, write a myth involving how their civilization developed, and finally after our residential trip students will create an artifact from their civilization.  The students will find the area and perimeter of their civilization/country and do the scale on the map.  This week is very integrated with students using the civilization project as the central topic for all our learning.

Here are some pictures of the week:

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International Mother Tongue Day

Dear Families,

On Thursday, the 21st of February, KIS will be recognizing International Mother Tongue Day. We will celebrate by reading books and telling stories to the students in different languages. We are asking for your support, to come into KIS and read or tell a story to a group of students in your first language.

If you sign up, you will be reading or telling stories for about 10 minutes to a range of students from EY1 to Grade 2 in the Audibox. These students may or may not include your own children. Each session lasts for 40 minutes and will be shared by 4 adults – so about 10 minutes each. Please refer to the schedule at this link to sign up. Translation into English is not necessary. We will have a computer and projector available if you would like to share a story on a screen.

If you do want to read to your own child’s class in their classroom, please speak to your child’s teacher in addition to signing up in the schedule.

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Learning Feb. 4-8th, 2019

This week we had our 3-way Conferences with students and parents.  We really enjoyed having the time to share our learning with our parents and students were able to talk about what they have been doing in the classroom.  It is a great opportunity to connect student goals to what students are doing at home and support what we are doing at school.  Thank you to all the parents for your time to share in our learning.

In UOI this week we continued to look at how societies are developed through the systems and artifacts.  Students also finished their research libraries to showcase each of the civilizations.  Finally, we worked to complete our Google Tours of a chosen culture.

In math this week we continued with properties of shapes, area, compound shapes, and reviewing of division.  In Language arts we continued with sequencing, retelling, and storyboards.

We also had our Chinese New Year celebrations and activities with parents – a big thank you to all who helped organize the calligraphy, lanterns, and crafts.  Here are some of the pictures of the week.  Enjoy!


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Chinese New Year Celebrations

Official Chinese dress day is Thursday, February 7th.

The Lion Dance will be Thursday at 12:40.

KISPA will be doing lunch time activities in the Atrium, lantern making and calligraphy.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!


Related image


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Jan. 28-Feb. 1, 2019

What a week of learning!  In our UOI we all worked together across the grades to organize our research library and create displays for each civilization library.  We were grouped based upon the google tour civilization we chose and used both our own drawings and pictures to create a collage for the library backdrop with important information about our civilizations.  Next, we integrated our myth writing with our UOI and watched a myth video for story plot line.  From this we brainstormed with a partner ideas for our own myths and a natural phenomenon to explain. We wrote our myths in a google slide and some of them are added to google classroom.  The will be completed and edited next week.  Finally, we worked on our ‘google tour’ of a civilization in the computer lab.  It is a fun way to explore the civilization and research facts, dates, and places for our civilizations.  

In math we looked at 2D and 3D shapes.  We began with properties of polygons, properties of 2D shapes, and finally properties of 3D shapes. We made nets for story line dice in our myths to integrated language and math.

In language arts we worked on our myths and reading workshop with storyboards summarizing our books and vocabulary.  Students are becoming more confident in building their storyboards and sharing their summaries with their group.  Some groups have moved on to Seesaw their storyboards and discuss their books.  Students are working on vocabulary based upon words from their reading.  Students are encouraged to keep up reading in RAZ Kids and to read at home as well.

This week we had home learning on Thursday and Friday due to the air quality.  This was a first for most of us and we are learning how to implement it effectively.  Some students completed a lot of work and some students did not have access to devices or the internet – all the major components of this work will be gone over in class.  At this point in Grade 4 students are just beginning to use online tools such as their email and Google Classroom effectively and consistently so work that needs to be completed will also be gone over in class.  We hope everyone was able to use the Google Classroom tool to access work and if there is any feedback from parents, do please let us know so next time we can improve even more.  Thank you for your help and support on these days of home learning!

Here are some of the pictures for last week – enjoy!



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Emergency School Closure

Dear Parents,

We have been notified that school will be closed for the next two days and we will be moving to the home learning (emergency) protocol.  Students have been assigned work through Google Classroom.  This can be accessed through their email.  The tab for the home learning is found on the main page, right hand side column, displaying all pages linked to our blog.  Click on the link ‘Home learning (emergency)’ and this will bring you to the school learning page.

Here is the link also:

Home Learning (Emergencies)

Best regards,

G4 Team



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Parent Forum

Parent Forum 1219

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Jan. 21-25th, 2019

This week in our UOI we continued finding out about ancient civilizations and how they developed through time.  We looked how artifacts can tell us about the past and what systems a civilization might have had. We investigated civilizations students choose and began to build a Google Tour integrating ICT.  Finally, we looked at elements in a myth and integrated our writing with our UOI to make connections and understand how civilizations communicated.

In math we are working on perimeter, area, and moving into compound shapes and recalling decimals to use in our calculations for area and perimeter.  We are doing area of a triangle and practicing multiplication and division through doing the calculations for area and perimeter.

In our reading workshops we are doing storyboards to summarize our reading and working on vocabulary building activities.  In our inquiry into myths we are finding the elements of the plot and summarizing to integrate with both UOI and language arts.

Here are some of the pictures of the week!



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Jan. 14-18, 2019




We had a really fun week with our new unit – Past Civilizations!  Our first activities to ‘tune in’ to the concepts were to understand how we study the past and do a mini archaeology dig.  The students really enjoyed learning about how archaeologist set up a site and make grids to track their findings.  We set up a grid and used both real artifacts and pictures of ancient artifacts for students to find and research.  We looked at systems in society such as government, transportation, healthcare, education, communication, religion/beliefs, trade/money, entertainment, and culture/art and how we study humans through the artifacts found to understand how societies developed.  This is the first week so we are striving for understanding and just beginning to investigate how to study the history of civilizations.  We ended the week with a really fun dress up and activity day for students as they inquired into hieroglyphics art, Olympic sports, and building structures from past civilizations.

In math we worked on telling time, perimeter and area. Integrated with our UOI we investigated coordinates through the archaeological dig and making the scale of the dig site.

In language arts we are beginning to look at myths, the features of a myth, character traits, and plots.  In our reading workshop we are working on building our vocabulary and looking at the sequence of events in a story.  This will lead to writing our own myths in this unit.

We really enjoyed the Wai Kru ceremony and send a big thank you to our Thai department for such a lovely ceremony.  A big thank you to the parents for all the beautiful flowers and kind words – we really appreciate how much support and caring our community has!

Here are the pictures of the week:







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