Sports Day December 4th

Come and cheer us on, 10.30-11.10!

Full information from the PE team here.

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Week commencing November 30th

We’re really feeling the force in Grade 4 as we delve into how Scientists can explain the physical world through exploring forces and motion. This week we are looking foward to experimenting with the ideas that were generated as part of our homework last week. In addition to inquiring into how force and motion interact while observing paper planes, cars down inclined planes and snowflakes we are going to explore the forces and motion of boats, ping pong ball guns, balloon cars and many more fun and creative engagements.

In Maths we have enjoyed exploring the physical world through the lens of measurement and are becoming increasingly confident when estimating and measuring. We have also developed our data handling skills by taking surveys with Google Forms and interpreting the charts that it creates. Last Friday we had a great time playing the games that students created for homework. We saw so many very creative ways of connecting forces, motion and angles, well done kids!

Our Literacy focus continues to be non-fiction texts and we are enjoying applying our developing skills to summarise and explain the experiments we are engaging with.

As always, learning outcomes are here and homework is here.

Have a great week!

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Week commencing November 23rd

We made a horrible mess at the end of last week to prove that real learning is messy! In fact, so many of our eggs survived their death defying drop that we could probably attempt the world record… although did you know that The greatest height from which fresh eggs have been dropped (to earth) and remained intact is 213 m (700 ft), by David Donoghue from a helicopter on 22 August 1994 onto a golf course at Blackpool, Lancashire, UK. (Guiness World Records)

Engineering Design whiteboardIt was a great exploration of how Forces and motion interact while engaging with the Design Cycle Process. This is a reminder of how good designers design and it’s wonderfully iterative and a celebration of growth mindset: through continual reflection we can always improve!

We also applied the DCC while investigating measurement tools and making our own metre rulers and giant protractors.

In Literacy sessions we have continued to think about how to hook our readers and to explore non-fiction text features in our reading sessions. Within Maths we have been handling data by exploring how we can understand data through values like a total or the mean average. Full details can as always be found here.

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Week commencing November 16th

What a marvellous Maths week we had! Thanks as always for all the support you gave your children with their costumes, it really brought the week together. On Friday we also enjoyed some engaging and challenging Maths actvities hosted by Ms Marie and Mr Eric.

Our Maths sessions were an inquiry into our new unit Scientists can explain the physical world through exploring forces and motion. Students loved investigating how forces and motion affect the swinging of pendulums, how cars travel down ramps set at different angles, and how far we can jump. In Art sessions students explored pattern and symmetry while creating loose parts designs, finding inspiration from the designs of Rangolis.

In Literacy we developed our informative writing skills by thinkindownload (2)g about different ways to hook the reader, including asking a question, making bold and challenging statements and looking for quotes from famous authors to grab the reader’s attention.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Diwali, here is a wonderful online art project from Google that you can try at home!

As always our planned learning outcomes are here, and homework here.

Have a great week!

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Polite reminder about our Devices Policy

Letter to Parent 10_11_2020

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Week commencing November 9th

Welcome to KIS Math(s) Week! Our caring and inclusive community is passionate about Math and this week we will engage with activities and events to celebrate that Math is everywhere! As part of this, we invite all children to come to school on Friday dressed as Math. This is a real challenge of our creativity; looking forward to seeing some out of the box thinking!Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 10.55.42 AM

Also this week we are jumping into our new How the World Works unit; Scientists can explain the physical world through exploring forces and motion. As we tune into this inquiry we will have some hands on activities that link really well to Maths Week; lots of photos in next week’s blog.

For a breakdown of our learning outcomes please take a look here. For homework this week, all students have the same activities which can be found here.

Have a great week!

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Happy Halloween

Wow, what a great celebration we had. Huge thanks to all the parent helpers and your children who did a fantastic job! They were wonderful hosts from the start of the day when they welcomed EY1 until they had a chance to entertain G5 at the end of the day. And they didn’t even eat all their own candy!

This week we return to normality and will refocus on wrapping up our Sharing the Planet unit. In addition we will start to look towards exploring data handling in our upcoming unit. We will continue our dual focus on number and operations helping your child to consolidate their skills when choosing strategies to solve problems involving the four operations. You can see our planned learning outcomes here.

Within Literacy we will spend some time reflecting on our ongoing reading goals and checking that we have a best fit book to read at home and in school. Our writing focus is shifting towards non-fiction, and we will reflect upon our understanding of non-fiction text features before beginning our next unit.

Finally, here are some pictures from Friday, with more to follow soon. Also, please enjoy these photos and videos of the Handball tournament we all enjoyed recently, and have a great week!

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Week commencing 26 October

Boo! If that didn’t scare you, then luckily we’re going further by hosting Halloween in the PYP school on Friday 30th October. A huge thank you to all the parents who are helping decorate the grade this week and another thank you for supporting your children to prepare and organise their activties. Here are some of our wonderful ideas:

Made with Padlet

The celebrations are usually hosted by G5 and it’s great for us to be able to join in the fun, responsibility and helping keep our community safe by allowing us to practice physical distancing across the extra classrooms.

We are wrapping up our inquiry into how Survival depends of adapting to circumstances and will take the opportunity to investigate some of the more spooky animal adaptations out there.

Please click here to see our ongoing learning outcomes for Maths, Literacy and UOI and here for this week’s homework. And have a great week!

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Week commencing 12 October

Wow, it’s hard to believe that the October break us upon us already (also don’t forget that school is closed tomorrow). We have packed so much learning in but at the same time the term has really flown by. That must mean we’re having fun!

Last week we saw some excellent posts on our Home Reading padlet. This is a great resource to use to help your child make good choices about books to read at home. We are using it within our library sessions to help students choose and it’s been really helpful.

Made with Padlet

On Friday we enjoyed the first House event of the year with the Handball Competition. Erawan were worthy Grade 4 winners but everyone had a great time!

This week our homework asks your children to start thinking about Halloween activties in preparation for when we host the PYP Halloween celebrations on Friday 30th October. Please support your children to plan activities and organise supplies but remember that this is an excellent opportunity for your child to develop ownership and responsibility. Our parent reps will be organising a Parent Decorating team to decorate the Grade 4 classrooms (not the parents); please contact them if you want to get involved!

We continue our dual focus of using division strategies to solve problems with remainder answers alongside handling some interesting data within our Unit of Inquiry.

As always, our ongoing planning can be found here and homework here.

Have a great week and a wonderful October break!

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Week commencing 5th October

This week we have our first House Events with a handball tournament taking place on Friday afternoon. We can’t wait to see students celebrating our caring and inclusive community!

Within Maths we continue our dual focus on Number and Operations and Data Handling within our Unit of Inquiry learning. As always, please click here for more details of our planned learning outcomes.

In Literacy we continue to develop our research skills alongside sessions from our Library specialist, Ms Lindsay. Students are becoming increasingly confident identifying keywords, finding trusted sources and identifying the key features of non-fiction texts. We are also learning how to create labelled diagrams to record our research.

Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 10.46.27 AMFor homework this week we are sharing an activity to help ensure your child has a suitable reading book ready at home for their daily reading practice. These might be books you have at home, from a local library or bookshop, or of course from our wonderful school library. As shared previously, we use questions like this to help students “Pick” their books.

In addition, in response to some parent feedback during conferences, we’d like to share the following thinking routine that your child could use after reading at home. This can be printed out, or simply displayed on a screen and used to structure and guide a reflection about what your child is reading.


Have a great week!

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