School Services Department message

Just a  reminder to all our returning families, you should by now have reviewed and completed the family address form, the health update form, the PYP ICT agreement and the school bus agreement (if applicable). If you haven’t already done so, please go to to complete as soon as possible Any questions, please email  attention School Services department. Thank You!

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Are you lost? We have a MAP…

Yes it’s that special time of year again… Christmas and birthdays come only once but MAP tests come twice! This week we will be guiding your children to adopt a growth mindset and strive for understanding when approaching their MAP tests over the coming 8 days. Each student will sit a Maths, Reading and Language test and we look forward to using the assessment data to guide teaching and learning in the coming weeks and months. The full schedule can be found here.

As always, we will weigh up this assessment data against all the other formative and summative assessment we conduct on a daily basis and reflect with your child on how they can develop their learning goals to continue to make progress.

This week we also begin a new Sharing the Planet unit and we will be tuning into the concept of survival and adaptation with an engaging inquiry into sprouting mung beans.

Full details of our upcoming learning outcomes can be found here and homework here.

Have a great week!


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Follow up to your questions

It was wonderful to see you at the Coffee Morning last week. We were so pleased to be able to see you and share useful information. It was a pleasure to be asked so many questions about how you can support your child’s learning at home. Here are some answers (as promised):

How can IXL support my child’s Maths at home?

IXL is a wonderful tool that includes a wealth of practice across the Maths curriculum and offers responsive teaching online when students need support. We will be using the LEARNING tab as part of our homework assignments but in addition your child can be doing regular practice on the DIAGNOSTIC tab. Please watch this video for more information.

How can I support my child’s writing at home?

Our current focus is upon the Writing Process (how effective writers write) and this is a great opportunity for you to support your child with their writing. Please watch this video for some ideas you could apply to any writing your child does at home; this could be a UOI reflection, Word-Work or even a regular writing journal. 

Finally we have begun to collate some useful resources here.

As always you can find our homework here and more information on our current planning here. Have a great week!

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Today’s Coffee Meeting slideshow

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Mine’s a latte with whipped cream…

We’re really developing a head of steam now, and inquiring into some deep concepts in our learning.

In Literacy last week we focussed on developing our Visualisation skills to help us ‘paint a mental picture’ for the reader. In sessions we drew pictures while listening to read alouds, created mind maps and story planners while reading, and used visual prompts to inspire our writing.

Our Maths focus continues to be the development of our number knowledge and developing a range of strategies to help us solve problems involving the four operations. Based on assessments of your child’s comfort levels they have been working towards writing a personalised number knowledge target and learning new strategies within the four operations.

Our UOI focus has been upon our passions and exploring the KIS Core Value of nurturing passion in ourself and others. This is leading to some enthusiastic inquiries!

download (1)Homework as always can be found here.

See you at the coffee morning on Thursday 8.00am in the auditorium. More information can be found in Ms June’s letter below:


PS Parent Letter 28082020

Have a great week!

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Full steam ahead!

We really feel like we’ve hit the ground running with Grade 4 this year! The challenging experiences of home learning have certainly developed student independence and there is also a clear focus on the quality, rather than the quantity, of learning.

Last week we ran sessions reminding children how to engage with our wide array of online learning programs and by the end of this week your child should feel comfortable logging in to IXL, Epic, Raz-kids, Seesaw and the Google suite.

Our weekly homework can be found here.

Our Maths focus for the start of term is assessing and building on our Number Knowledge. Over the coming weeks your child will identify a personalised learning target that suits their learning needs and learn how to work towards it. Targets may range from practising addition and subtraction facts, to times table practice, or identifying and exploring exponents and beyond. We will also be learning to use whole numbers up to millions or beyond in real life situations, exploring place value and using mental and written strategies for solving problems involving the four operations.

3ae570960c1ca246ceb52719d1f029b9Within Literacy we will be inquiring into the concept of visualisation while reading. Asking ourselves: How do we build mental pictures of the texts we read, and practising our creative writing by responding to images and writing our ideas about what is happening.

We will also be learning to identify a ‘good fit’ fit book in conjunction with our library sessions. A good way to support your child’s reading choices at home is using the ‘I Pick’ acronym.


Thank you for all the support you are giving to your children to help them adapt to the new school environment under the Covid-19 precautions. They are doing a wonderful job! Have a great week.

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First days…

We hope you had a wonderful weekend and it’s really nice to be beginning our first full week of the year!

This week we will be continuing our focus on the new routines and schedules but also getting busy with our start of year assessments. This is a great time for teachers to spend time one on one with students and start developing a deep awareness of their comfort levels across the curriulum areas.

We’re also engaging in some fun getting to know you activites and working on our class and grade level essential agreements.

This week we are having a ‘soft start’ for homework. We encourage your child to spend some time on the following:

  • becoming responsible for remembering their schedule (PE days, library day)
  • making sure they can log in to gmail, IXL, Raz kids and any other learning platforms (they should be able to do this QUICKLY ie within 30 seconds)
  • Spending some time on their IXL diagnostic
  • Daily reading (20 minutes a day)
  • Making sure they have at least one book to bring to school that they enjoy reading

More information on our ongoing planning can be found here, as always.

Have a great week!

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Settling in well!

We’ve had a great 2 days getting used to the new systems. The students have adapted to the new routines wonderfully and have been incredibly mature and conscientious at all times. Thank you for all the support from home!

Have a wonderful weekend and look out for our blog post on Monday with more information about the week’s learning.


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Welcome to the 2020-21 Academic year!

We can’t wait to get back into school! Although we will be welcoming your child to a new Covid-19 normal, every day will still be packed with learning. School starts with our Group A/Group B alternate days as detailed below, please subscribe to the blog and keep an eye out for our future posts.

KIS School Primary School Opening G4

for G4 Parent_Class list_Term1_20-21

Best wishes,

The Grade 4 team; Ms Jenn, Mr Zack, Mr Alex, Ms Tik, Ms Rin, Ms Ning.

Please feel free to email us with any questions:;;



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