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G4 – First day of school!

We had a wonderful first day together in G4!  Students began to learn the classroom routines and we did team building activities to help everyone meet the new students and new classes.  It is really important to remember that we will all be working all together across classrooms and in varied groups throughout the year – not just in A/B/C!  Students enjoyed the activities.

We then brainstormed what our classroom agreements for this year will be and practiced some of the important routines.  Students had specialist classes and returned to end the day together in G4.  The homework this week is very easy – students will be creating a “time capsule” that we will open at the end of the year to see just how much we have all learnt and grown.

Here is a slide show of our day.  Enjoy!




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Grade 4 welcomes you to the 2018-2019 Academic Year at KIS.

Dear Parents, Students, and KIS Community,

The G4 team this year is Mr. Zack, Ms Janat, and Mr. Nic and we would like to extend a very warm welcome on the first day of school to everyone!  We are very excited for this coming year and look forward to meeting everyone.

For communication, our emails are: Mr. Zack 4A (, Ms Janat 4B (, and Mr. Nicholas 4C (

We are happy to be working with Ms Rin and Ms Nitcharee as our educational assistants this year.  We would like to welcome our new student to grade 4 and look forward to meeting their families and being part of our school community. Welcome back of course, to all the “old” grade 3’s! It is exciting to be able to continue your learning journey into grade 4.

4A, B and C students will be having an adventurous year as we work towards preparing for Grade 5. There will various notes and meetings throughout the year and we look forward to sharing the entire experience with all our KIS families.

Homework will continue to run primarily from Monday to Friday like last year and we encourage students to get into a consistent routine with this week. Homework will also be uploaded onto this grade 4 blog each Monday as will regular photographs and recounts of the learning occurring this year. Our first unit of inquiry is based around the theme of “Who We Are”. It proves to be thought provoking and parents are encouraged to join in the discussions and questions which will asked through the homework.

Please contact us at the above emails, if you need to for any reason, and please remember to provide us an email or written note if your child can not participate in Swimming or PE.

Best regards and wishes for a fabulous year of learning in grade 4.

Zack, Janat, and Nicholas


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