Have a wonderful holiday!

What an adventure this year has been with plenty of twists and turns along the way. Whether we’ve been on-campus, or online, the enthusiasm and commitment your children have shown has been exemplerary. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate them all on a wonderful year and to thank you all for your support.

We hope you have some time to enjoy the End Of Year PYP sharing site and enjoy some wonderful moments of learning! The link to this site has been shared on your child’s Google Classroom.

Have a wonderful and well deserved summer break. If you are looking for some fun summer learning ideas, then please read this information from Ms Lindsay:

As we start our summer holiday, I’d like to share a few resources available to you. If you follow this link you will arrive at our Summer Holidays Activities page. Here you will find the links to:

-Summer Story Time with Ms. Lisa (Mondays at 10am on Zoom, featuring special guest teachers each week)

-Library Fun with Ms. Lindsay

-Super Summer Sports with Mr. Ben

-Music, ICT, Art and more

Please take your time and explore! There are plenty of resources and activities to support our learning throughout this summer holiday. Don’t forget, you can also visit my webpage here and check out the parent resources section as well.

I hope you have a happy summer holiday!

-Ms. Lindsay


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Week commencing June 7th

Hard to believe that it’s the last week of Grade 4 but we know that your children are more than ready for the challenges of Grade 5 after the summer break. The last week will look a little different, with some special events, but we will continue to post the day’s schedule every morning at 7.50am on Google Classroom to keep your children informed.

The special events for next week include:

Thursday June 10th Parent and Teacher Passion sharing day! Thank you so much to our parent volunteers; Nikolai’s dad (for a second time!), Garv’s mum and Niska’s mum AND dad! Combined with our teachers sharing their passions this promises to make Thursday afternoon really exciting for our students. Mr Alex will be making contact with the parent volunteers very soon.

Friday June 11th Final day On the final day we will be hosting goodbye meets for our Homeroom classes and sharing a website full of amazing learning from the year, as well as some fun actvities that your child can engage with over the summer holiday.

End of term arrangements and summer learning Ms June has confirmed that only departing students need to return resources and this can be done at the MYP car park. All returning students are asked to keep resources until we return to campus in August. In addition, all online learning resources (Seesaw, IXL, Epic, Raz kids…) will remain open and accessible throughout the summer holiday to support learning over the summer. Additional summer learning ideas will be shared during the final week too.

As always, detailed planning for the week can be found here. The resources needed for our final week can be found here:

June 7

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Week commencing May 31

We’re so proud of all our G4 students for hosting the amazing G4 Passion Sharing Day. The organisation and commitment that they showed to put this together shows they have built skills that will support them in their G5 Exhibition and beyond!


The third conference of the year is a Student Led Conference. As such, your child’s teacher will not be present during the conference – the Student Led Conference is a chance for your child to demonstrate that they are responsible for their own learning by leading the conference without their teacher to guide them.

Please find a convenient time for you and your child to conduct your Student Led Conference this week. Your child has been guided to organise their portfolio and to be ready to talk about their learning goals. Please allow them to lead the conference and offer them your feedback. Here are some suggested prompts and questions that you might find useful when supporting them:

A huge thank you to Nikolai’s dad, Thomas, who ran an engaging session about the skills and attitudes of an Entrepreneur on Thursday. This unit seems to be flying by but as mentioned, the students are already demonstrating so many of these skills and attitudes in their learning so we can look forward to them making positive contributions to the world in the near future!

A quick reminder that Thursday 3 June is a holiday so there will be no remote learning on that day. Also, Friday the 4th of June is Love our Library Day, more details on that day coming soon. Details on upcoming learning objectives here, as always. Finally, here are the resources needed for the coming week:

May 31 Resources

Have a wonderful weekend!

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G4 Passion Sharing Day

Here are two great intro videos by Myn and Garv to let the PYP school know what’s happening on Friday. Can’t wait for it!

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Week commencing 24th May

Wow! Book Day was amazing! Don’t forget to check out the site and all the padlets that share the amazing work!

Next week we will have a guest Entrepreneur speaking with our students, thanks so much in advance to Nikolai’s dad, Thomas. We will also be busy getting ready for the Grade 4 Passion Sharing Day on May 28th… talk to your child to find out what they have planned!

Your child will also know the time for their personal learning conference with their homeroom teacher. This is a great time for us to reflect on the year with your child and to help them to be ready to lead a conference with you in the week commencing May 31st.

Congratulations to Niska, Della and Keerat and everyone who took part on Friday!

Book Day Costume Winners 2021

Here’s the resource planner for next week and the detailed planning can be found here.

May 24th Resources

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Book Day May 21

We are celebrating books online this year. Our theme is to recognise not only superheroes in books and comics, but those around us. Heroes could be mums and dads, doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, Moana, Else/ Ana, Superman, Batman, IronMan…

(Thank you Niska & Neha for this wonderful video introduction!)

Students will not attend regular online classes, but instead live the life of a superhero through creative writing, books, music, art and movement. Your child will attend the live session based on their grade level. The full schedule will be shared with the students on Friday morning.

The day will provide three opportunities to celebrate books and heroes.

  1. Students will begin the day online completing a creative writing task about Heroes and Superheroes. The task will be uploaded onto Seesaw or Google Classroom next Friday for students to complete.

  2. Following, students will be able to join the following zoom sessions based on their Grade level.

  3. Listen to pre-recorded storytime with KIS teachers and staff.

For art, we will be taking inspiration from the unusual trend of artists recreating artworks in food on a slice of bread! Please have ready for the day the photo of your chosen hero; a piece of bread and all the food ingredients you need to recreate your heroes on the bread, including child-friendly knives for slicing.

We hope the day will provide opportunities for your child to celebrate books with both creative ideas and acknowledge those important roles in our community.

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Week commencing May 17th

Another engaging week of remote learning! Students continue to show enthusiasm and commitment to doing their best work and we are very proud of them. Some of the highlights of this week included connecting Marble Runs to probability in Maths, engaging in some in-depth word studies, and getting creative with some innovative new foods and boredom-busting games. Check out your child’s posts on Seesaw and these padlets:

Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet


Made with Padlet

Today we had a fun end to the day with a Pajama party hosted by Mr Zack and Ms Lindsay and sharing photos of our bed hair!

Next week we will continue our inquiries into how Entrepreneurs leverage resources to take advantage of opportunities, by exploring how entrepreneurs identify opportunities. In Maths we will be asking children to identify an area of Maths they would like to review and working in groups to practise those skills. Full details can be found here.

We are also really looking forward to May 21st when we will be celebrating Book Day as a whole school. For this day we will be off our normal schedule and engaging in some special activities and live meets instead. It’s going to be awesome! Here is the resource planner for next week:

April 2021 Grade 4 remote learning schedule TEMPLATE MASTER (3)

Have a great weekend and thanks for all your support as always.

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Week commencing 10th May

Some wonderful meets during this short week! There were lots of sleepy faces on Wednesday after the long weekend but we continue to be really impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment the Grade 4 students are showing. As always, we really appreciate all the support you are giving at home and if you have any ideas about how we can improve our program we welcome your feedback at any time (or come to our Parent help desk and share) A polite reminder to all students : please remember to turn on your camera and use your mute function to help you be an effective communicator during all your meets. Don’t forget to check out your child’s website. As well as being a great example of their learning it led to some really good feedback circles amongst the students too:

Made with Padlet

Next week we’re looking forward to some creative offline challenges including marbles runs, creating new foods and generally exploring the innovative skills that help to make Entrepreneurs successful. Detailed learning objectives can be found here. Here is the resource planner for the coming week including some advanced notice of resources from Ms Daisy for w/c 17th May.

May 10 Resources


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Week commencing May 5th

Dear parents,

Despite the news that we can’t return to campus until May 10th, we had a great week wrapping up our How we express ourselves unit and celebrated a unit packed with learning! Please check out your child’s website, it really is a demonstration of application of writing skills, technology skills, Artistic understanding and more!

Next week is a short week but we will still fill it with exciting learning engagements. As always, schedules will be posted in Google Classrooms at 7.50am on Wednesday morning and please see the following resource planner:

Resources May 5

Detailed learning objectives, including information about our new How we organise ourselves unit, can be found here.

Have a great long weekend!

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Remote Learning w/c 26th April

Dear Parents,

Based on our last round of remote learning we had high expectations at the start of the week but have been amazed at how the students have exceeded even these. We’ve seen excellent participation in live sessions and engagement to quality learning in the asynchronous activities too and are very proud of your children! Thank you, of course, for all the support you provide at home.

We look forward to wrapping up our current How we express ourselves unit next week. Students will be sharing their websites and reflecting on how People‌ ‌use‌ ‌media‌ ‌to‌ ‌create‌ ‌or‌ ‌manipulate‌ ‌messages‌ ‌for‌ ‌specific‌ ‌purposes‌. In Maths we will continue to explore the relationships between area, perimeter and volume as well as thinking like scientists when inquiring into the concept of probability. Our Literacy sessions will focus on how we can apply our understanding of the writing process to help us edit and improve the writing on our websites. As usual, please click here for the detailed learning objectives for next week.

Remember that on Monday you can join us for the parent/teacher help desk at 1.50pm if you have any feedback, suggestions or questions. Please look out for an email from Ms Jenn with the Zoom link details.

Here is next week’s resource planner:

April 2021 Grade 4 remote learning schedule TEMPLATE MASTER (2)

The grade 4 Team

Mr. Alex, Ms. Jenn, Ms. Rin, Ms. Tik, Mr. Zack

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