Week 4

Week 4 Finding-Out/Sorting-Out/Going Further


In UOI students investigated technologies and watched movies related to technology to inspire their minds into the theme of the week. Students continued to add research elements to their last lapbook and became very familiar with looking for facts and rephrasing  or paraphrasing what they read on the internet and in books.


Writing a postcard about their own planets. Students have been designing their own planet and incorporating maths into the project as well. Students are meant to describe their planet’s life, food, technology, geography and general overview. They planned their writing in details and transformed them into paragraphs and thereafter continued to revise, edit and started to publish.


Multiplication strategies, lattice (box method), vertical, Partitioning (additions of multiplications), repeated additions. Students work on different strategies all week long.

Class Party:

Class Christmas Party was a big success and all students shared their Secret Sanat gifts and had a merry time. A big thank you to all the parents that helped to make this happen! Your organisation is supreme!

Field Trip:

Students went to the science center to visit expositions on space and other related sciences. Students investigated hands-on activities, culminating in a planetarium movie about our universe and the science behind it all.

Coming Soon:

For events to come please see the calendar of eventsholiday calendar

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Concert 1`7

Red BIns Dec 17

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Latest News Updates

  • KIS Athletics Try-outs this week so bring your running shoes!!

  • Parent Forum = Conflict Resolution

KIS Athletics team Tryouts (2) unnamed

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Nov. 20-24, 2017 – UOI 3 – Earth’s Place in Space

Nov. 20-24th 

Students have been enjoying investigating our solar system and phenomena this week in our unit.  We started the week with an exciting look at how the solar system formed with the video “Cosmos” and a look at the timeline of our planet.  Next, we investigated gravity through a very fun design challenge with each team designing and testing a way to keep their egg safe for the egg drop – the challenge was to land their astronaut (egg) as safely as possible – students really enjoyed this challenge!  We had a lot of teams that were able to safely land their astronaut!

The Lapbooks students are creating are coming along well and students have had a gallery walk to share their work so far with the whole class.  If students need extra lapbook pages we have attached the templates they can print at home in the Classroom Resources page and below.

We talked about the lines of inquiry and students looked at the different concepts of form, causation, and change.  Finally we ended the week with a very fun day testing board games created by Grade 7 students about the solar system.

In Math we continued to look at multiplication and strategies, as well as practicing mental math with multiplication games.  We are integrating measurement, scale, diameter and will continue next week to really look at these concepts.

In Language Arts we are focusing on unit theme books to help us learn about main ideas, supporting facts, skimming, scanning, and organizing our work to take information for our lapbooks and present it to inform the reader.












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UOI 3 – Earth’s Place in Space – Week 1

Tuning In – Nov. 13-17

Our next unit is on the solar system and students are enjoying learning about all of the planets and making a scale version of the solar system outside.  Students had a lot of fun searching the school for the distances and then recording them to take back to class to learn how to scale the large numbers down to use in our model.  Students practiced rounding and then learnt how to scale down the numbers of the distances of the planets from the sun.  The next step was to go outside and create their scale model in the playground.

For Language Arts we are focusing a lot on reading and comprehension with looking at main details, supporting details, and sequencing.  There are a lot of A-Z resources that are directly focused on the solar system so we will be using these theme packs a lot integrated with our unit.

In math we are working with large numbers, rounding, and scaling down.  We will be doing some very cool experiments with gravity that will require both math and science for calculations and in the math focus we will be moving to multiplication.  It will be a very fun and busy unit!  Please see the slide show of our activities so far.


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Hour of Code for Grade 4

The Hour of Code

KIS will taking part in the hour of code this coming December 4-10.

Please follow these links to work on practicing skills


What is the Hour of Code?

The Hour of Code started as a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify “code”, to show that anybody can learn the basics, and to broaden participation in the field of computer science. It has since become a worldwide effort to celebrate computer science, starting with 1-hour coding activities but expanding to all sorts of community efforts. Check out the tutorials and activities. This grassroots campaign is supported by over 400 partners and 200,000 educators worldwide.


Students are learning in over 45 languages

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Week 5 Entrepreneurs – Summative Assessment Nov. 6-10

This has been a very busy week at school! We had fun learning together. This is our final week of the unit, so students were finishing up their websites and ensuring they have all the pages and content. Students will be presenting their websites next week to the class/teacher and then websites will be given feedback from the MYP students.

In Literacy students practiced persuasive writing and are working on the format for a persuasive writing piece. Here are some of the tips:

Persuasive Writing

In math we were practicing strategies for subtracting 3-6 digit numbers such as partitioning, borrowing, or using friendly numbers (compensation) to find the answers. We were working on mental math and using Kahoot to increase quickness with mental math.

Bangkok Inclusive Fun Run

Two Students, Elle and Proud, took action to help organise a family/school 5K run in support of the disabled. They initially made a Google Slide presentation and shared this with the entire Grade. Finally, the run occured in this past Sunday November 12 at 6:30 am. It was a great morning with lots of camaraderie, laughter and sweat!

Bangkok Inclusive Run


Weekend Bonding Experience for G4A

A bonding activity on the weekend happened for students to come together and use various skills (communication, teamwork, support, physical activity etc…) and to strengthen bonds of friendship and camaraderie.

Future activities are planned for the whole grade (G4A,B,C)

Currently the votes are for indoor climbing at Rock Domain in BangNa and LaserTag on Sukhumvit  more details to come. See Mr. Nicholas if you have any questions.

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Week 4 Going Further

Week 4  Going Further


As the second last week in their unit of inquiry on business, students filled-in their business website further with images, content and and persuasive text so as to draw in customer’s interest.

Students also wrote more detail in their business plans, adding budgeting figures and thinking about unit costs, labor, time, materials etc…

Students are beginning to gain an overview of what is involved in running and opening a business.

In Literacy:

Students wrote persuasive text for their product and deconstructed online articles, finding the main ideas of each paragraph, showing how instructional writing is developed.

Here is an example of what a student wrote:

Doll Clothes Accessories

Their example and guide was this original persuasive text (we are sure you’ll be ordering one soon 😉

*Notice the Important checklist at the end!*

product description example


Finding The Main idea using the ‘life-hack’ of always looking at the subtitle for a clue and looking for the main idea of the paragraph in the first sentence of the paragraph

Students looked for main ideas in this article for the first five paragraphs


In Maths:

Students looked at adding using strategies such as:

Compensation (adding or taking away a few numbers to make the number easier to work with and then adding them back at the end)

Bridging: Partitioning a number into it’s place value components on a number-line or mentally

Loy Kratong Celebration at KIS

A most wonderful cultural expression through Loy Kratong with beautiful artistic elements. Kratong making was wonderful!

Halloween at KIS

Dates to Remember:

  • 11/17/2017 10:00 AM Canteen Workshop for Parents
  • 11/25/2017 10:00 AM Parents vs. Teachers Basketball Game
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Week 3 Entrepreneurs


Welcome back from the break!

In week 3 students went on a field trip to Seri Thai Market to observe, analyse, contrast & compare and evaluate the effectiveness of different types of businesses. Students interviewed and compiled data from what they observed and used their judgement in determining how successful each business was. With this in mind, students get inspired and apply some of their knowledge to their own business ideas.

Students also began their own brainstorming of opening their own fake website for their own fake business. They finally chose a business that interests them and began developing ideas about it. Through this process they have begun to bring together the elements needed in their business and are using a business plan to guide them along the way.

Students created their own innovative products and made advertisements for them as well as designing a poster that encompasses our understanding of what a business plans does for us.

IMG_1777 IMG_1775 IMG_1805

Students looked at the important essentials of having a business through a compass activity with the compass words ‘ North=Nature   South=Society  East+Economy West=Well-Being and made a visual poster incorporating what these mean in business about what good business looks like.

IMG_1619 IMG_1629 IMG_1612

The maths component dealt with adding decimals and lining up the decimal point when adding and subtracting with up to 6 digit numbers. We totaled the bake sale and we ended up with an amazing total of just over 21,000 baht! Not too bad for a first attempt!

Here we are making varying amounts of US currency using decimals and whole numbers (integers)

IMG_1643 IMG_1650 IMG_1675 IMG_1687 IMG_1767

Students made and played Maths adding and subtracting games

IMG_1701 IMG_1710 IMG_1759 IMG_1757 IMG_1760 IMG_1761 IMG_1764 IMG_1758 IMG_1744 IMG_1770 IMG_1801 IMG_1800 IMG_1783 IMG_1779 IMG_1796

In Literacy, students looked at advertisements and persuasive text and deconstructed a persuasive piece of writing ‘The Nose Picker 3000″

nose picker

Additionally, students began to write their mission statement about their company for their company website.

Learning Engagements

This week’s learning engagements include:

UOI – Building your webpage for your website. Adding the elements of a business

Language Arts – Writing a persuasive piece for your product, writing a mission statement, deconstructing the elements of an instructional article.

Math – adding/subtracting 3-4 digits with mental strategies (bridging method)

Dates to Remember:

  • Thursday November 2nd  Loy Kratong
  • Friday November 3rd – Halloween
  • Wednesday November 1st – G4 Residential Trip Coffee Meeting (AP Room)
  • Friday November 3rd – Halloween Assembly
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Week 2 Entrepreneurs

We had a great time tuning in last week tuning into our Unit of Inquiry: Entrepreneurs. 4th Grade worked at adding decimals using both Baht and the U.S. dollar. Thank you for all of your support at home with homework! The homework samples are wonderful and we are learning so much as a grade from them. Grade 4 has counted up all of the money earned from the bake sale and the sum will be announced later in the week. As a grade this week, we will decide what organization the earnings will go toward as well. This week, we will be working on the following skills:

Persuasive writing, summarizing, finding the main idea of a text, designing a business around a product/idea, doubling numbers up to 100 (ex: 234×2=___), adding/rounding decimals, observation and inquiry of a marketplace.

Please remember that on Wednesday, Oct. 18th is our  field trip to Seri Market, Paradise Park- where we will be inquiring about different businesses and how they are or are not successful.

Thank you to all parents who took time out of your days last week for conferencing. They went great and we are always happy to check in with parents.


Learning Engagements

This week’s learning engagements include:

UOI – Finding out, business plans. What do we make business plans? How and why do we use them?

Language Arts – Persuasive writing about a product. What does persuasive writing look like? What are the elements of persuasive writing? Instructional Writing – Writing a business plan based on a template.

Math – Doubles/Near Doubles Additions

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