Book Fair Next Week – Book Character Dress up day – May 30th





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Weeks 3&4

These 2 weeks in Grade 4: Going Further & Making Conclusions

UOI – Students have been choosing their resource to inquire into for their summative assessment presentation. Students chose a method of presenting their research, through either a poster, a Google Slide, A booklet, A Song and/or a diorama. The summative assessment is approaching fast and we’re looking forward to seeing all the student’s hard work on display.

Maths – Students have been working on coordinates, volume of 3D shapes, revision of angles and shape properties, as well as constructing a hexagon as a a pacemaker or Ironman heart.

Language – Students have been working at summarising and making citations and quotes based on their readings. Citations and quotes must contain the name of the book/article or website, the author, the page number and year of publication.

Dates of Importance:

End of year calendar 1718FF


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Homework Links

Mr. Niko’s links with steps and advice- See “MAP practice with Khan Academy


What subjects to practice:

  • Algebra basics
  • Pre-algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Arithmetic
  • Basic geometry
  • Grammar
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Coffee Meeting

It was wonderful to see everyone who could make it this morning.  Here are the slides of our discussion.  If you have any questions please feel free to talk to Mr. Zac or Ms Janat directly.


G4 Coffee Meeting

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Week 1 & 2 Sharing The Planet

 Welcome to the new Unit of Inquiry Sharing the Planet

Here are the details of our unit:



In Literacy students have been investigating quotes and citations. Students are writing claims and quoting text sources using a template to help them when researching.

In UOI student shave been exposed to various forms of resources and how we use them, extract them, manufacture them and how that impacts the Earth. Students are picking a resource they like and develop a means of gathering and recording their information.

Students will eventually make a presentation of their own design.

Students will be answering the lines of inquiry for their own resource:

  1. Process of extracting the Earth’s resources
  2. The impact of extracting and use of natural resources
  3. Reducing the impact of the extraction and consumption
    of natural resources

This will become their Summative Assessment.

In Numeracy students are inquiring into angles and shapes (polygons & polyhedrons)

Students are attaining their learning objectives through a variety of activities

Student Agenda

These remaining weeks, the three Grade 4 classrooms are adopting a different approach to teaching and learning where students make their own choices in their schedule. Student also choose from various activities and chose their own methods of expressing what they are learning. This is called Student Agenda, a means through which students take initiative and lead their own learning to a higher individualised degree, being able to chose, what, where, how and when they do their learning.

We are in the beginning steps of incorporating more of this method into our instruction in all three classes.


Here we have various activities for UOI and a few photos of the story of Cinderalla being told by Mr. Nic’s Mum who visited from Canada, She tells the story but in reverse, using a lingual (language) technique called ‘Spoonerism’. Ask the kids about it.



Looking Ahead

  • MAPS May 14th to 25th
  • Grade 4 Coffee Meeting Monday May 7th
  • Swimming Harrow 2 Fast 2 Furious May 19th
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Parent Forum Information

Parent Forum MAy 4th 18

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Welcome Back!

 Welcome Back Grade 4


We hope you all had a grand time on your holidays, whether at home or out and about 🙂

A few reminders of things to come.

  • School Photos Thursday


  • Grade 4 Coffee Meeting – Coming Soon – AudiBox: ICT and the Context of Learning
  • MAP Testing – May 14th-25th



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Homework link for the week of Apr. 23-27

Login name and password: fedi

Directions: Google: “brainpop jr -> At the homepage, click “login” type “fedi” then type “fedi” for password as well. Go to the science section and then click “energy”.

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Week 4 Artigras and Propaganda Going Further

 Last week in review

A week of events:

IMG_4578 IMG_4582

In Literacy we…

Wrote claims about a topic and supported our claims with evidence from a text.

Here is the article we read:

US dollar us dollar money cash

Should kids be paid for doing well in school?

Need money? Then study up! Some cities are offering kids cash for doing well in school. In New York City, some fourth graders will receive up to $25 this year for every state test they ace. Schools in other states also offer incentives: In one Massachusetts town, kids receive $25 for perfect attendance. In Dallas, some schools motivate, or encourage, kids by giving students $2 for every book they read.

Some people say the incentives are a good way to motivate kids to study. Others say paying children to learn is wrong because kids are the ones who benefit from schoolwork. WR News student reporters Andrew Jing and Katelyn Vlastaris each took a side.


“Getting good grades in school is what kids are supposed to be doing.”

Paying kids for getting good grades in school? That’s outrageous! Getting good grades in school is what kids are supposed to be doing. Students get the benefit from education, so why should we get paid? You don’t expect to get paid to eat, do you?

Your teachers and staff have already gone to school and have already gotten their educations. They don’t need your good grades. You do!

“It’s not like a job. You get good grades for your own good,” says student Rolina Luo.

Many important things in life are not necessarily motivated by money. Education is one of them.

Try to do well in school so that you’ll have a better shot at being successful in the real world. You shouldn’t have to be paid to do that.


“If you reward us, it may motivate us to do great in subjects we don’t like.”

Adults go to work and get paid for their jobs. A kid’s job is to go to school. By paying us for doing well in school, you are helping prepare us for the real world. If you give us a toy, we can play with it. If you give us money, however, we can save it or buy something nice. We can even give it to charity. Almost anything is possible!

Student Brett Upperman agrees that kids should be rewarded with money for schoolwork. “Kids need money so we can save it for college. And I want to buy a house someday,” says Brett.

If you reward us with money, it may motivate us to do great in subjects we don’t like, and then we’ll start doing well by ourselves. This could give us a big boost for the rest of our lives.

In Maths we…

Investigated shapes through a gallery walk and rotation station activity in which we sorted/categorized/

IMG_5760 IMG_5761 IMG_5762 IMG_5763


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