Week 3 Artigras and Propaganda Manipulations!!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please see the information below for details about Artigras Week and look further below for details from this week’s curricular highlights in Grade 4.

Artigras blog

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Week 3 Propaganda Finding-Out & Going Further

In Numeracy students are beginning:

2D & 3D shapes properties and construction, estimation and measuring of angles and vocabulary associated with these topics

all through an in initial pre-assessment

In Literacy Students are:

Looking are learning to write a claim based on evidence from a text they have researched.

In UOI students are:

Manipulating an image to influence someone through advertisement or any propaganda methods.

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Week 1&2 Propaganda Tuning-In/Finding-Out

 Welcome to our new unit of inquiry!


This unit is about:


and this too


In Literacy:

The text type for Language (Literacy) is Persuasion through Claim Writing using research-able evidence- facts (It has been changed from Entertainment to Persuasive Genre.

IN UOI: Our Provocation week included thinking deeply about what is happening to us when media or companies or more specifically messages come to us.

photoshopped images photoshopped images 2 Propaganda Dicerning Viewing Propaganda Provocation Sheet

In Numeracy:

We are finishing fractions and starting shape and space


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End of the Unit

It has been a very busy last couple of weeks!

Our Residential Trip was a huge success and everyone enjoyed the trip to Ayutthaya.  We had a wonderful time exploring the temples and doing activities linked to past civilizations.  The museum stops were exciting and had an array of artifacts for us to investigate and explore.  Overall, the experience was a great way to link experiential learning to our unit and team build with our Grade 4 classes.  Links below for photos of each day.


Day 1: http://klearning.ict.kis.ac.th/kblog/sea/residential-trips/gallery/grade-4/academic-year-17-18/day-1/

Day 2: http://klearning.ict.kis.ac.th/kblog/sea/residential-trips/gallery/grade-4/academic-year-17-18/day-2/

Day 3: http://klearning.ict.kis.ac.th/kblog/sea/residential-trips/gallery/grade-4/academic-year-17-18/day-3/


Last week was a final summative assessment for the unit.  Students demonstrated understanding by choosing an artifact to make from a system in a past civilization and then wrote about the connections to our present day societies.  The artifacts were varied and turned out so well – congratulations students on a job well done!  We celebrated our learning by having the Museum Gallery and inviting Parents and other grades to visit our classroom displays.  Students took great pride in their presentations and many enjoyed the positive peer feedback they received.

IMG_4220 IMG_4216 IMG_0246 IMG_4215 IMG_4217 IMG_4218 IMG_4219 IMG_4239 IMG_4234 IMG_4223 IMG_4222 IMG_4253 IMG_4280 IMG_4246 IMG_4262 IMG_4255 IMG_4265 IMG_4257 IMG_4266 IMG_4243 IMG_4271 IMG_4275 IMG_4267 IMG_4254 IMG_4242 IMG_4245 IMG_4252 IMG_4272 IMG_4268 IMG_4278 IMG_3973 IMG_3979 IMG_3974

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Week 5 Myths, Fractions, Divisions, Civilisations and Systems

A jam-packed week full of various curricular activities.

We begin with Numeracy:

Students had their post-test for division and we can safely say that all students increased their understanding of process, patterns and function of long division. Some students are still constructing meaning of divisions and most are applying with remainders and using decimals instead of remainders.

We also had pre-assessments on fractions for mixed number additions, simplification of fractions, additions of fractions with different denominators and recognising fractions that are irregular in shape. From these assessments we then tailor our steps forward to carefully bring the students from a common base of understanding and move forward at their own level through various differentiated grouping.

fraction anchor sheets

In Literacy:

Students have been continuing to write their myths using the myths criteria:

Criteria for a Myth

Myths are transferred onto relics and artifacts:

Myth Story Swords

Students have also been working on writing paragraphs for their artifacts

artifact and description

In UOI student have been:

Answering Key Concept questions from researching certain texts:

Research questions&answers

In UOI students are creating their civilisations and societies based on systems of their own creation and some challenge prompts.

UOI systems civilisation Project3.jpgUOI systems civilisation Project2 UOI Systems Project civilisation

Dates to Remember:

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Residential Trip Details and Tentative Schedule

Briefing & Packing List_G4 residential trip_Ayutthaya Tentative Itinerary_G4 Residential Trip_Ayutthaya

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Updates to Week 4 Maths and Myths

Image result for greek goddess mythsImage result for Myths and legendsImage result for Myths and legends

Image result for Myths and legends

Image result for Myths goddesses

Image result for Myths goddesses

MYTHS And Their Elements

Every civilizations and cultures have myths. A myth is a story of unknown authorship that people told long ago in a attempt to answer serious questions about how important things began and occurred. Myths generally involve nature or the adventure of gods and heroes.

Students are planning and writing their own myths. Students are writing myths based on characters and settings from existing myths and/or some are writing completely original myths based on their own imagination. Here below are some of the thinking frames and brainstorm we produced as a group.Myths planner sheet Elements of a Myth


Divisions with remainders

Image result for long division with reminders



Divisions with decimals

Image result for long division with decimals

Image result for long division with decimals

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Learn How to Post Your Minecraft Gameplay on YouTube

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Jan 22 – Jan 26


This is the third week of our “Systems of the Past and Present” UOI and we are beginning the process of “finding out” in the inquiry cycle. This means that 4th graders are learning HOW to research and what resources they can use to do so.

In math, we are still digging deep into division and how to apply it to real life. The strategy of long division is being taught along with equal groupings, repeated subtraction and skip counting. The more practice that our 4th graders get at home, the more polished and fluent they are at school. The most important concepts to understand right now are remainders, long division and soon we will be working with decimals. We are seeing great growth mindsets during math this unit so far.

In writing, we are developing our ability to write to entertain. What this really means is that students are developing their ability to design a story with an introduction, problem, rising action, climax, resolution and a conclusion. We have been studying readers theater and learning what the important elements of the stories are. This week, we begin the writing process.

Lastly, we have important announcements for this week:
– Sign ups for 3-way conferences (next week) are in the office.
– After school programs begin this week


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3 Way Conferences – Sign Up

PS_3-way conference_Jan 2018

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Wai Kru Day

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