Did you make a resolution…?

IMG-5218Happy Chinese New Year! We had a fantastic celebration of culture at KIS today and it was great to see members of our Chinese  community sharing the beauty of their traditions and history with the school. It was also a powerful link to our unit and opened a discussion on cultural colour symbolism. Thank you to all the parents and students involved.

In class this week we are focussing on Interpreting, evaluating and responding to media messages including creating a gallery of famous artworks, responding to the performing arts and in our Art lessons we are exploring how Artists convey emotion in Picture Book illustrations.

As always, please read here for a detailed breakdown of our ongoing learning outcomes.

Have a great week!

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What good sports

IMG-5061Sports Day on Friday was a roaring success, especially for teamwork, collaboration and house spirit! It was great to see lots of parents there and we loved seeing students challenge themselves to take risks and to work together. One of the standout moments was how G4 students took on a leadership role when organising the team relays. Go G4!



This week we are delving deeper into our new How we express ourselves unit. Follow the link to see detailed learning objectives.

Have a great week!



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Ready, set, go…

On Friday we will be enjoying our Annual Sports Day. We can’t wait to cheer each other on and to challenge ourselves to new athletic heights. The event will run from 10am to 1.30pm and we look forward to seeing you there. With the ongoing air quality issues in Bangkok, please keep an eye on messages in case there are any required postponements. Here are some highlights from last year (Thanks Mr Eric and the Tech Team for the videos):


This week we are also at the starting line of our new How we express ourselves unit. Going forward we will be exploring the world of media and having some exciting collaborations with the Arts through our Literacy and Visual Arts lessons.

Please take some time to look over our current and ongoing learning outcomes for Maths and Literacy. Your child should also be ready to discuss their personalised learning goals at home, please help them to keep focussed on any home time commitments!

See you on Friday!

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Happy new year

Welcome back and we hope you had the most wonderful holiday. We welcomed 5 new students today, and a sixth will be joining Grade 4 in February. The caring and inclusive nature of our community has been on display all day! Please, if you can, reach out to the new parents and see if they need any help settling in.

This week we are revisiting our Who We Are unit and will be looking at our learning targets from last term, reflecting, and setting New Year targets for ongoing development.

As part of this we have two creative projects planned and we are requesting reusued items to help us in class. Please see the details below.


Have a great week!

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We wish you a happy holiday…

As we near the end of term students are sharing their understanding of our How the World Works unit. We’ve had a really engaging time getting scientific and it was awesome to see the scientific process in action during our field trip to Amped last week.

IMG_2440We started the week this week by celebrating our passion for Badminton with an interhouse tournament and we’d like to invite you to see how your child nurtures passion in themself and others this Thursday 12th December after the class party. From 1.50-2.30 your child will be ready to share their passion with you and show you how they have nurtured and developed it this year. This could involve demonstrations, games and guided interactive activities. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thanks in advance for all the help with the food for the party, it’s great to have so many supportive parents! Have the most wonderful holiday!

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Tomorrow Grade 4 are off to Amped and we can’t wait to test out our scientific hyptheses on the trampolines. Our exploration of high jumps and long jumps using slow motion videos has helped us to develop an understanding of the interaction between forces and motion when we jump and now we are going to experience it with added trampoline power!

As always, you can find a full and detailed breakdown of our current Maths, Literacy and UOI learning outcomes here.

It was wonderful to hear that the Student Council’s hard work raised 23,000 Baht through the non uniform day. The council students presented the donation to representatives from Paws last week. Thank you for all your contributions! In addition, the KIScares box in Grade 4 has already been emptied once and there’s a wonderful range of gifts being brought in. Keep them coming!

And please, if you can, make someone else’s Christmas special by taking a decoration from the tree in the PYP atrium and donating a gift before Friday December 6th.

Christmas Giving Letter 2019

Finally, on Thursday this week there is no school, don’t forget!

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Grade 4 have really begun to engage with the Scientific process and are making reflections that bring together their learning from the wide range of classroom demonstrations and experiments they have undertaken.

Our integrated Maths unit allows students to demonstrate independence when gathering and recording data. Our data handling skills allow us to quickly generate graphs to help us interpret data and draw conclusions that prove or disprove our hypotheses.

We’re looking forward to our trip next week and beginning to think about an experiment that we could conduct while we are there. It’s great fun to be in such a hands on and practical unit of inquiry!

Have a great week.

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Put your Star Wars quote here…

As we move on with our current unit, it feels like an invisible force is tempting me to quote Star Wars as much as possible. Resist. In the classroom we have been getting scientific and looking into How scientists investigate and use forces with a wide array of experiments. There are so many opportunities for links to our Maths and Literacy objectives – please check out the coming week’s learning outcomes here.

I am sure you already have heard but there is a wonderful initiative that started with Grade 4 students. It’s aimed at creating a truly caring community at Christmas this year and we hope you will help make it a success. More information here, or speak to one of the team of Grade 4 students who are organising!

KISCARES Donation Flyer


Have a great week!


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It was wonderful to have the chance to share your child’s progress this year and to talk about ongoing goals and targets during the conferences last week. We hoped you enjoyed the opportunity too!

Last week we really jumped into our unit, by capturing how we jump in slow motion:

We measured our jumps, vertically and horizontally and the data we collected will drive our explorations of data handling during this unit. We will also study our slow motion videos to observe how Forces and Motion interact.

As always, as we continue inquiring into our new unit, you can visit this page to find out more about our learning outcomes and to see how we create transdisciplinary integration.

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Forces and motion

This week we are kicking off, or jumping in to, our new How the World Works unit. This is an exploration of Forces and Motion and more details of our learning outcomes can be found here.

We are tuning in by asking students to visualise how they jump. We will then compare their visualisations to slow motion videos so we can draw conclusions about the forces and motion involved. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!

Last week was capped off by Grade 5’s excitingly spooky Halloween activities. We had a ghoulishly good time.

We hope you enjoy the opportunity to meet with the Grade 4 teaching team this week. See you at your conference!


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