Week commencing 15th February

There was a real sense of celebration in school on Friday with so many children dressed in Chinese New Year costumes, and our atrium decked out with tradition Chinese (paper) lanterns. Thank you for your generous donations within the envelopes too!


In class we continued to deepen our conceptual understanding of the relationships between fractions and decimal numbers. Linking to our UOI we are also exploring time and learning to convert between different units of time measurement and how to measure elapsed time.

In literacy we continue to focus on the writing process and applying our understanding of how effective writers use planning, drafting, editing and revising to create finished texts.

Our exploration of civilisations continues with inquiries into how the systems of civilisation are linked, and how these cause civilisations to develop over time and continue to have influence throughout time.

For more details, click here, and our weekly homework can be found here.

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