Week commencing 1st March

Lots of sleepy faces in class today which must mean fun weekends! On Thursday the whole KIS faculty met together and discussed Global Citizenship:

KIS Definition of a Global Citizen

KIS believes a Global Citizen values their own and other cultures, espousing the IB Learner Profile attributes while taking principled action with social, political, economic, or environmental issues of local and global importance.

Teachers inquired into what Global Citizenship looks like at KIS and developed many exciting ideas for the future. We hope to see some of them in action soon!

Tomorrow your child will bring home a paper copy of their learning goals for discussion in the Teacher Parent conferences next week. We’ve had a great sign up so far, please contact your homeroom teacher if you have had any trouble finding a convenient conference time on the sign up sheet.

We will also be concluding our Where we are in Place and Time unit over the coming days and students will be sharing their growing understandings of how Civilisations develop over time and continue to have influence throughout time.

In Maths we are continuing our explorations of fractions, decimals and percentages and also investigating the coordinate systems and mapping. In Literacy we will be applying our non fiction informational writing skills while sharing our UOI learning.

As always, detailed learning outcomes can be found here and homework here.

Have a great week!

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