Week commencing 22nd March

This week we will be collaborating with Khun Hague and Khun Manit from the KIS marketing team to learn all about logo design and the evolution of the KIS logo and branding. Students will share their understanding of logos as a form of media and learn what has changed about the KIS logo and why it has changed too.

This is all part of our inquiry into how People use media to create or manipulate messages for specific purposes alongside explorations of Memes, famous Artworks and the media of the music industry.

1616134811098In Maths, as part of their homework and class time, we are inviting all students to review and reflect on their growing understanding of fractions decimals and percentages. On Thursday we will engage in some assessments to help us identify learning goals for future learning.

In Literacy sessions we are applying our skills with figurative language and beginning to explore the medium of Poetry.

Student Council members also made some presentations to share their new project: Paper Rangers. Ask your child for more details.

As always, detailed learning outcomes can be seen here and homework here.

Have a wonderful week!

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