Week commencing 29th March

On Friday we welcomed Khun Manit from the KIS marketing department who shared a wonderful presentation with us:
This really consolidated and built upon the student’s learning this week and the children have begun to develop an authentic understanding of how brands are developed and how media can be used to influence. Mr Manit even gave us some feedback on some of our logo designs (see the end of the slideshow!)

Next week and after Songkran we will begin building our own Google Sites and applying the understandings we have built to create brands that are memorable, authentic and enduring.

In Maths last week we engaged with some self assessment and reflection to see how our understandings of fractions have grown over this unit. We were really impressed to see the growth and to students able to identify skills they still need to practise.

We focussed on inferring meaning of figurative language and continued to apply our skills to writing powerful similes in preparation for our next focus on poetry.

As always, detailed learning outcomes can be seen here and homework here.

Have a wonderful week!



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