Happy holidays!

We had a lovely last day full of sharing and genorosity to round off a wonderful term. Thank you to all parents for making it a special pizza day, the children really appreciated it!

In the last week G4 students have had a great time getting to grips with Google Sites and they’re so excited to share their passions. It’s a really powerful way to explore how People use media to create or manipulate messages for specific purposes and it’s amazing to see how quickly children pick up new tech skills!

We also pulled off an April Fool’s prank on Thursday which became a learning opportunity to discuss how how media can be used to influence. 

Earlier in the week we all adopted a growth mindset when reflecting on our fractions post assessments. All students were able to identify skills that they’d made progress with as well as skills that they could improve. It was a really positive reflection exercise.

We hope you have the most incredible holiday and that your children find opportunities to further develop their passions, practise their Maths goals and of course to read!

See you after the break!

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