Week commencing 10th May

Some wonderful meets during this short week! There were lots of sleepy faces on Wednesday after the long weekend but we continue to be really impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment the Grade 4 students are showing. As always, we really appreciate all the support you are giving at home and if you have any ideas about how we can improve our program we welcome your feedback at any time (or come to our Parent help desk and share) A polite reminder to all students : please remember to turn on your camera and use your mute function to help you be an effective communicator during all your meets. Don’t forget to check out your child’s website. As well as being a great example of their learning it led to some really good feedback circles amongst the students too:

Made with Padlet

Next week we’re looking forward to some creative offline challenges including marbles runs, creating new foods and generally exploring the innovative skills that help to make Entrepreneurs successful. Detailed learning objectives can be found here. Here is the resource planner for the coming week including some advanced notice of resources from Ms Daisy for w/c 17th May.

May 10 Resources


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