Week commencing August 23

The first full week of Term 1 has come to an end and it was jam packed with the KIS Core Values of striving for understanding and creating a caring and inclusive community. We even managed to find the time to nurture and share our passions! 

It really has been a great week and as a teaching team we have been so impressed by the general attitude of the G4 students. Their commitment to learning, principled nature and inquiring growth mindsets have already shone through in Meets and the activities they have been completing asynchronously.

Next week we will continue to establish learning routines while finalising our essential agreements. In Literacy we will develop our understanding of the writing process and continue to discuss the habits of a reader and how a passionate reader picks appropriate reading material.

A quick reminder that Friday 27th August will be Learning Package pick up day. Details around the exact arrangements will be shared in due course but it will be an opportunity to (a) collect your child’s Grade 4 learning pack (including new exercise books and reading books) and (b) return any reading materials that your child might still have from Grade 3. There is no need to return any old exercise books or other materials, please only return Library Books or books sent home by your child’s homeroom teacher. If you are outside of Bangkok and unable to pick up a learning pack, please contact your child’s teacher. 

In Maths we will be focussing on our understanding of how we apply our understanding of Base 10 Place value to solving problems and developing our understanding of the four operations.

As previously discussed, we will also be arranging a 1:1 conference with each child as an opportunity to do a ‘check-in’ and discuss some of your child’s personal learning goals. Your child’s homeroom teacher will arrange the time with your child. In addition, over the coming weeks we will be running some assessments to help us support your children as learners. These are the same assessments that would be conducted during On-campus learning but with some additional guidelines about the role of the parent. Please read the following information from Ms Tania, our PYP coordinator, carefully:

G1 – G5 Parent Letter_ Re_ Baseline Assessments.docx

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us and remember you can join the G4 Parent Coffee Meeting/Question Time on Mondays at 1.50pm. See you there! For the upcoming week, detailed learning objectives can be found here and the resources for specialist lessons can be seen here:

August 23 Resources page

Have a great weekend!

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