Week commencing September 6th

It’s Friday and we are looking forward to settling down with a cup of tea and reading the wonderful stories your children have written this week. As we continue to strengthen our understanding and application of the writing process it has been a pleasure to watch the students engage with this week’s writing assessment. We also held class elections for the Student council and will share who will represent Grade 4 very soon.

Alongside that your child has been working on their IXL Diagnostic Snapshot, which provides a valuable insight into your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Your child’s target areas are highlighted through this assessment and we will be going through how your child can access their recommendations, amongst other hot topics, during our BTS Coffee Meeting on Monday at 1.50pm (the same time at the usual helpdesk). On the agenda will be:

  • The Programme of Inquiry and planning
  • An overview of Digital platforms
  • Grade 4 Essential Agreement
  • Fostering a Growth Mindset
  • Assessment

In the coming week we will be tuning into our new Sharing the Planet unit. We are looking forward to some exciting provocations to get our inquiring minds thinking. We will also be continuing to explore the writing process and developing our understanding of some non-fiction text features. In Maths we will further explore the Base 10 Place Value system and the strategies we use to solve problems involving the four operations. Full planning details can be found here and here is the Resource Planner for specialist lessons:

Resources page September 6

Have a wonderful weekend!

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