Week commencing 13th September

It was great to see so many parents in our BTS Coffee Meeting on Monday. Thank you for your feedback and questions and we hope that you feel well informed going forward. Here are the slides again for your reference:

We’ve been tuning in to our new Sharing the Planet this week and children have been exploring the meaning of the individual words within our central idea Survival depends on adapting to circumstances. We inquired into how the opposable thumb helps humans and primates survive by taping our thumbs to our palms and seeing how hard it was to do everyday tasks. Try taping your thumbs and opening a bottle and see how you do! We also delved into our learning packs and thought like scientists while planting our mung beans to see if we can make them sprout.

Our Maths focus continues to be exploring the Base 10 place value system and sharing our understanding of the four operations. In Literacy lessons we have been reflecting on our writing assessments and continuing to develop our application of the writing process. Detailed learning outcomes can be found here as always.

We also had a chance to vote for and nominate our Student Council representatives: we are proud to be represented by Punn, Plern and Asad. They are ready to listen to the ideas of their classmates!

A quick reminder that next week school will be closed on both the 16th and 17th of September. Here are the resources required for the coming week:

Resources page September 13

Have a wonderful weekend!


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