Week commencing 27 September

What a way to finish the week with an engaging and exciting House Day and Parent-Teacher conferences. We hope you and your children enjoyed both experiences and learnt loads in the process!

Next week we will continue to deepen our inquiry into how Survival depends upon adapting to circumstances. Students are becoming more confident identifying and describing animals, habitats and biomes and we will begin to explore the nature of food webs and ecosystems.

In Literacy we continue to develop the habits of a good reader, share and nurture our passion for reading and read in small groups for targeted skills practise. Our writing sessions build upon our understanding of the writing process while exploring the features of non-fiction texts and experimenting with ways to write factual descriptions.

In Maths your children will go forward with developing their number fluency and confidence when applying the four operations. At the same time we will make a powerful link to our Unit of Inquiry by exploring Data Handling and collecting data to help us understand the connections and balance within ecosystems around the world.

As always, detailed learning objectives can be found here and here are the resources required for next week’s Specialist lessons:

Resources page September 24


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