Week commencing 4 October

Our inquiries this week have focussed around the Line of Inquiry Adapting to circumstances with some exciting experiments to explore how a Human’s peripheral vision helps us to be aware of threats in our environment. This was a great opportunity for some parents to throw socks at their children so if you missed out on that chance, ask your child! We also began to explore Food Chains and to think about Producers, Consumers and Decomposers. As inquirers, we have also been sharing our knowledge and fun facts about animals and the natural world. 

In Maths we applied our data handling understandings within our UOI learning and continued to develop our conceptual understanding of the four operations and the Base 10 number system. In Literacy we have, as always, been working within small reading groups to learn and apply new reading skills whilst also thinking about the features of non-fiction texts and beginning to apply our research skills to our Unit of Inquiry.

As normal, detailed learning outcomes can be found here, and here are the resources for next week’s specialist lessons:

Resources page October 4



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