Week commencing October 18

Today we are supporting PINKTOBER and raising Breast Cancer Awareness. Thank you to KISPA for your efforts!

As we get ready for our October break we’d like to thank you all for the way you have been supporting your children at home over the last weeks. As we hopefully move forward towards our Campus Reopening we can all reflect that the G4 students have applied themselves with all the key KIS Core Values during this term:

Screen Shot 2564-10-06 at 15.40.30After the break we will be concluding our wonderful Sharing the Planet unit and guiding the students on how best to share their enduring understandings from this Inquiry. The detailed planning for our first week back can be found here, as always and here are the required resources for Specialist lessons in the week starting October 18.

Resources page October 18

Have a restful and fun break and see you all soon!

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