Week commencing November 8th

Another great week of learning this week. We’ve really enjoyed tuning in to our new Where we are in place and time unit and thinking about the difference between innovations and inventions. This is a great opportunity to continue our focus on non-fiction writing and text features. We’re really looking forward to developing our research skills during this unit and can’t wait to grab books from the library to support our learning.

In Maths we have been wrapping up our inquiries into data handling as well as building our understanding of key vocabulary and developing our Maths glossaries.

Of course next week we look forward to being on campus on November 8th. You will have received an email informing you whether your child is in Group 1 or 2 and whether they will be attending campus on Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday. When your child is not on campus, they will find their remote learning schedule (just like usual) posted on their classroom at 7.50am each day. We have created a new whole-grade Google Classroom for the hybrid learning period and we have instructed all your children on how to join it. The drop off time for G4 is 7.30am and pick up is at 2pm. If your child has a sibling and you are dropping off and picking up at a different time to the G4 times, please send an email to your child’s teacher. Please remember that in this case you can choose only one grade’s time – you cannot mix and match between the grade times.

Your child is encouraged to bring the following items to school to help us maintain good social distancing practice:

  • Pencil cases and classroom stationery
  • Water bottle
  • Exercise books that they have been using at home
  • reusable cutlery

In addition, please return your school whiteboard on your first day on campus, as well as any library books you might have.

As always, detailed learning objectives can be found here, and here is the resource planner for next week’s specialist lessons:

Resources page November 8

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