Week commencing November 15

What a great week! It’s been a real pleasure to be on campus with the children and we’ve had a great time! We’ve been really impressed by the enthusiasm and focus of the returning students. During our meets with the Group 3 students we also took the time to appreciate the positives of remote learning (unlimited ice cream, hangouts, our family, and not having sore ears from our masks!) and look forward to when we are ALL on campus together.

For everyone, both on campus and remote, we have been pleased to see how quickly we are all adjusting to our new routines. The maturity and responsibility of these G4 students is really developed and a real asset. Thanks, as always, for the support you give at home and your patience as we develop our new Hybrid learning routines. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.

We also wished farewell to Mr Zack, Ms Lindsay and Berry and welcomed Mr Ed to the G4 teaching team.

Next week we will recommence reading groups for all students and continue to develop our reading comprehension skills during our read aloud sessions of Where the Mountain Meets the moon. Students are already beginning to make strong connections with this book and are looking forward to hearing what happens next!

In Maths we will be doing some assessments to help us understand your child’s progress with our learning outcomes in the four operations. We will also inquire into the concept of time as part of our Where we are in time and place unit. Detailed learning objectives can be found here, and here are the resources required for next week’s specialist lessons.

Resources page November 15


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