Week commencing November 22

It’s been a really successful week in Grade 4. We feel so lucky to be able to spend time face to face with so many of your children and continue to be blown away by the commitment and dedication shown by the Group 3 students who are remaining at home. Thank you as always for the support you give.

In Maths this week we spent some time thinking about how to organise historical events using timelines. We began to plot important historical events on a ‘toilet paper timeline’ to help students build a conceptual understanding of where we are in time and place.

Our writing learning focussed on applying our nonfiction skills to a persuasive text entitled “Why is this the most important invention of all time?” Next week we look forward to reflecting on our writing and following the writing process to edit and revise and make improvements.

We also revisited our habits of a good reader when choosing our good fit books. Your child has been invited to have one good fit book at school and one at home. Please ask them to explain their choice to you and help support them to maintain their daily reading habits.

Finally, students enjoyed celebrating Loy Kratong in Thai and TAL classes and we hope you enjoyed the celebration too!

Detailed learning outcomes can be found here and resources for specialist lessons can be seen here. Have a great weekend!

Resources page November 22

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