Week commencing November 29

During this week we’ve inquired into how timelines work. Group 1 students finished creating their toilet paper timelines and everyone learnt how to create a scaled timeline by hand. We connected to our Unit of inquiry by researching how some innovations have changed over time, including things with wheels and Children’s games.

We were hands-on again when we asked students to create an accurate clock face. We saw some really interesting connections to fractions and degrees as a unit of measurement as the children worked together to make their clocks.

Your child has also spent some time reflecting on their Grade 4 learning journey and compiling a digital portfolio of ‘wow moments’ from their year so far. It’s been a really good opportunity to reflect on learning goals and adjust them where necessary.

Here is a message from Ms Alex:

“Virtual Parent Book Club 2021 

Upon parent request, Ms. Alex will be running another Parent Book Club this school year. The Book Club will be virtual, and open to all. In order to gather information regarding parent interest and availability, Ms. Alex would like to ask parents to fill out a Google Form (link here). If you are interested in joining the Virtual Parent Book Club this year, please fill this form out by November 26th.”

As always, learning outcomes can be found here along with the resources for next week’s specialist lessons:

Resources page November 29

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