Week commencing 6th December

Wednesday was a great celebration of enthusiasm and passion for all things sporty. We really enjoyed seeing the students engage with the live sports sessions with the PE team and don’t forget to check out the Padlets to see the creative videos many children shared. The final scoring was really close but Erawan came out on top! 

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In class this week we have been developing our timelines to demonstrate our understanding of how innovations change over time. This has required research skills, Maths skills and nonfiction writing skills – a really great example of transdisciplinary learning. We have also expressed our understanding of our class read aloud Where the Mountain Meets the Moon through timelines.

Students have applied their nonfiction writing skills to create texts titled ‘How has this innovation changed over time?’ alongside ‘How has this innovation influenced society?’

As always, full learning outcomes and the resources for next week can be found here. Please don’t forget that it is a school holiday on Monday in memory of H.M. the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej .

Resources page November 29 (1)

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