Week commencing 24th January

We got scientific in class this week as part of the Tuning in to our How the World Works unit. On Thursday we explored how a Scientist investigates forces and motion by experimenting with sliding different objects down ramps. This was a wonderful discussion of the Scientific Process and also a great connection to our Mathematics learning outcomes for this unit. We also explored the key concepts and key vocabulary of our unit. All these outcomes can be found here as always.

During the Literacy sessions we have taken the time to do our Term 2 narrative writing assessment. We used our reading sessions to continue to reflect on the features of nonfiction texts and to think about how we conduct scientific research.

***Updated Information*** Next Tuesday and Wednesday, 25th-26th January will be whole school remote learning days to allow teachers to receive their vaccination boosters. Your child can access the remote learning in the usual way, on the Google Classroom at 7.50am. In addition Grade 4 will be on remote learning due to the positive case in the Grade. Please check the communications from the School Office for more information.

Have a great weekend!

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