February 4th

Although it was a week conducted remotely it was still packed with learning! Students really enjoyed exploring projectile motion with the wonderful PhET simulator. This was a chance to think like a scientist and share ideas to work towards a collective Grade 4 understanding of some of the key scientific concepts involved in this unit including Force, Gravity, Air resistance, Angles and Friction.

This unit continues to offer great crossover to Maths learning and students enjoyed measuring, recording and evaluating how the angle of launch affects the distance the projectile travels. They were also invited to reflect on, and celebrate, their understanding of the four operations by making ‘how to’ videos on Seesaw – check your child’s account to see what they shared. In addition, each student took part in a guided session to help further develop their understanding of their personalised Number Fluency goal. Next week is ‘Maths week’ and we’re looking forward to celebrating Maths in Grade 4. Check out next week’s blog for photos.

The Floating Field: How a Group of Thai Boys Built Their Own Soccer Field  by Scott RileyOn Wednesday we had a real treat with our visiting author, Scott Riley, sharing the beautifully worded and illustrated book The Floating Field. If you’re interested, you can order a personal copy of the book by filling in this form. In our other Literacy sessions we began developing our figurative language skills when writing about how things move.

We look forward to being back in school on Monday! A quick reminder that Thursday 10th February will be a remote learning day. Also, on Friday 11th we will be taking part in a Maths themed dress up day. We are planning a grade level collaboration where each child will dress as a different domino. Your child will need to come to school on Friday dressed in (preferably black) any dark solid colour (matching pants and top). Black is prefered but not essential, any dark solid colour will do. Please email homeroom teachers if you have any questions.

As always, detailed learning outcomes can be found here. Have a great weekend!

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